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Saturday, April 30, 2016

And the movie should be called Swindler’s List

YOURSAY | ‘Mahathir will play a rather important role too, perhaps as a supporting actor.’
Ipoh Pp: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, much as I sympathise with you and thank you for all the efforts in trying to make amends for your wrongdoing but you were the man who destroyed this beautiful nation of good governance with corruption, racialism and divide and rule.
Actually you nurtured all these leaders and taught them the finer points of allegedly stealing from the nation’s coffers.
May you in your old age repent but you have left us with a millstone around our neck. If only you had done the right thing, we would not be here today.
Anonymous 29051438068738: While it cannot be denied that Mahathir is responsible for defanging all institutions and making them subservient to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), it is also somewhat evident he is, for now, the only one with the voice and the standing to lead the charge against the kleptocracy clothed in the colours of Umno.
No one knows for sure what's really driving him but whatever it is, he is, in the absence of Anwar Ibrahim, the only one with the means and the focus to bring the Najib nightmare to an end.
Teoh Ban Bee: Your era has gone, sir. Yes, we will remember you for what you have done, at least but we're not going to let you run this country again.
We're not going let ourselves used as pawns for you to run this country for your liking. The premier has stressed this in his interview, and we shall stress that on Malaysians behalf, we're not puppets.
Andrew john Browning: Let's get over this case, and when it's over those who think that Mahathir is equally to be blamed for the all past scandals by him may always start a new campaign to make him atone for his actions. You will have my vote.
NoName: If 1MDB saga is adapted into Hollywood movie, Mahathir will play a rather important role too, perhaps as a supporting actor.
Anon1: The movie should be in two parts. Part 1 is about the dictator who dismantled the government and Part 2 is about the bumbling kleptocrat who took advantage of it.
Cogito Ergo Sum: And the title of the movie will be Swindler's List.
Ipohcrite: So, by CEO Arul Kanda's reasoning, 1MDB is open to the possibility of fraud simply because of the force and impact of the Switzerland Office of the Attorney-General's statement.
By its own reckoning, there is presumably no fraud, hence no need to lodge a police report. What kind of management will do this sort of thing, unless it is totally inept or even complicit to a "possible fraud"?
Arul is supposed to be a top-notch manager and we now know what he is good at.
Clongviews: As a layman, after reading your (Arul’s) statement, one would conclude that there was fraud.
Your quote "open to possibility of fraud, that is, it cannot be discounted." If there is no fraud or it is uncertain, then don't make such a statement.
You led people to make such a conclusion and later on after being kicked by your boss, you accuse people of spinning.
Gungadin: You don't have to say it. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows there was a massive fraud.
The real question is why are those involved still free men and women?
Mushiro: Even as events have overtaken most of the news on 1MDB, press aide Tengku Sharifuddin Tengku Ahmad is still harping on the "innocence and honesty" of his boss, Najib.
Even as Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) have announced that they did not receive 1MDB's US$3.5 billion, even as 1MDB defaulted in paying up the interests, even as cross defaults are happening, Sharifuddin is loss in his own world.
These are the people who misguide and advise Najib.
Karma: Actually The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) thwarted the appointment of Najib’s man Irwan Serigar Abdullah.
This aide is so naïve accusing WSJ of lying. Whatever WSJ said on the appointment or any event that was going to happen, is merely speculative. We all know that.
We also know that confidence level for Malaysia will drop if Irwan is appointed.
Paul Warren: Here are two reasons Irwan lost the job. First to spite WSJ and to show them to be false.

Secondly, if not for squealing on Article 117 in 1MDB’s ‘Memorandum and Articles of Association’, which shows clearly who held all authority, power and responsibility in 1MDB, the PM's link to happenings in 1MDB could not have been made. -Mkini

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