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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Despite total silence from Lim Guan Eng on this for more than a week, Nanyang news reports that KLIDC owner Datuk Tang Yong Chew has personally confirmed that the proposal letter from Magnificent Emblem, also owned by Datuk Tang and Phang Li Koon, for an alleged RM25 million to RM30 million project signed by Phang herself to Penang PDC is real.
This is not good news for certain people.
This means that Phang may be in trouble now as her SD stating she no business relations with the Penang Govt could be viewed as false.
It could also mean that the Section 165 (same as Khir Toyo) case against the Chief Minister (CM) is getting even stronger as more evidence of their business relationships are exposed.
It is already proven he is a public servant and that he did knowingly buy an “item of value” for a price below official JPPH and market price.
The final element is the seller is a “related” party or a party that has business relationship where the CM is involved.
This Magnificent Emblem relationship between Phang Li Koon and the CM as the Chairman of PDC and Head of Tender board is on top of the special treatment and density improvements given to KLIDC (which Penang EXCO had confirmed the CM is involved in approving and signing off) owned by Phang’s boss for over 20 years for the Taman Manggis land and project which they signed to sell off for RM70.6 million after having only paid RM11.5 million to the state govt 6 years ago.
While Tang did confirm that the letter is real but he said in the end they did not get the project.
However, when the letter was first exposed in Malaysia Today by the “DAP Insider”, the anonymous writer said:
“Initially, the project was awarded to Phang and Tang’s Magnificent Emblem and a letter of award/offer issued by PDC to Phang and Tang in April 2014 on the advice of the tender board headed by Lim Guan Eng.
I have heard that this letter of award is now in the possession of the MACC after they had raided the Penang PDC and seized some documents.
After receiving the letter of award, Magnificent Emblem wrote back to change the terms of the award significantly and due to compliance and procurement issues outside of Lim Guan Eng’s control, the Letter of Award had to be cancelled.”
Therefore, if the “DAP Insider”, which has been accurate so far, can be believed then the initial project was indeed awarded to Magnificent Emblem but was cancelled not because CM wanted to cancel – but because after winning it, Magnificent Emblem made a demand that is very different from initial RFP thus forcing the award to be cancelled.
To me, this appears to be a stronger case than Khir Toyo’s case where there was no specific project stated where he was implicated as directly involved in awarding to his seller of the bungalow.
Anyway, we patiently wait for MACC to finish their investigations and we will see if there would be any charges.

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