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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Indira fears ex-husband may flee to Thailand

Kindergarten teacher M Indira Ghandi have lodged a police report over fears that her Muslim convert former husband may flee to neighbouring Thailand before police can pick him up as per yesterday's Federal Court order.
“I have lodged a police report because my ex-husband might leave the country,” she told Malaysiakini.
She also said that as he ex-husband Mohd Ridhuan Abdullah's latest address is in Kota Baru, Kelantan, this may make it easier for him to cross the borders into the neighbouring country.
In her report lodged at the Ipoh district police headquarters today, Indira cited her experience when married to Ridhuan, during which the latter frequently visited Thailand.
“He has many friends there and sometimes even stays there for long periods of time,” said Indira in her report.
She therefore expressed hope for the immigration authorities to stop Ridhuan should he indeed attempt to make his way into Thailand.
Meanwhile, Indira, who last made contact with Ridhuan on April 8, said that her former husband has been using the same mobile telephone number since 2009.
Ridhuan on police wanted list
“I hope the police can therefore trace him using the number,” she said.
Meanwhile, The Star Online reported today that police have placed Ridhuan on its wanted list and are attempting to ascertain his whereabouts.
“Anyone with information or the suspect himself can meet or contact the investigating officers ASP Kamariah Jamaludin at 05-2451628 or 016-5249091 or SM Helen Parera 013-5189925 or any police station in the district,” Ipoh police chief Sum Chang Keong reportedly said in a statement.

The Federal Court, yesterday, instructed inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar to arrest Ridhuan, after having found the committal order against him issued by the Ipoh High Court to be justified as he had failed to bring his child, Prasana Diksa, to the jurisdiction of the court.
Prasana Diksa was 11 months old when Ridhuan took her away. Indira has not seen her daughter in the eight years since then.
Her two other children, now aged 18 and 19, are currently staying with her.
Indira is currently locked in a bitter custody battle with Ridhuan who wants to take all three children away from her, claiming that he fears for their faith, alleging that he converted all of them to Islam following his own conversion.


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