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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Teachers lodge police reports on BN man in Simanggang

The teachers stressed that the police reports were lodged for the sake of clarification and for their own protection following a letter advising the Education Department to transfer them before the May 7 state election.
KUCHING: Two teachers took to the media to confirm that they had lodged police reports against Assistant Minister for Rural Development and Housing Francis Harden. He was allegedly behind warning letters that they received from the Education Department on their purported involvement in the on-going campaign for the May 7 Sarawak state election.
“It was Harden who wrote a letter complaining about us to the Education Department,” said one of the teachers who requested anonymity. “The letter dated April 14 was written on an SUPP letterhead.”
“The letter stated that we were involved in assisting the Opposition in political activities and urged the Education Department to transfer us elsewhere before the May 7 state election.”
The unnamed teachers disclosed that the warning letters were also about them allegedly campaigning on behalf of the Opposition in the Simanggang state seat (N.32) where Harden, an SUPP leader, represents the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).
He faces a four-corned fight with Leon Jimat of DAP, Norina Utot of PKR and independent Dr. Ngu Piew Seng, a popular Iban-Chinese medical doctor.
One of the teachers, who produced both letters as evidence, believes that three other teachers were also in the same predicament and had confronted Harden.
“Harden’s letter tarnished our image and would affect the Education Department’s evaluation of us,” cried the teacher. “I was dumbfounded by the unexpected complaint. The fact is that I was not involved in any political activities.”
The teacher argued that even if Harden had the authority to lodge such a complaint against him and the other teachers, “he should have looked into the matter before writing to the Education Department to put pressure on it to transfer us. This is uncalled for.”
The teacher went on to point out that Harden as a BN candidate should conduct himself accordingly and not lose the goodwill of the electorate through reckless actions. “As the people’s representative, he never thought about us, and that our careers were at stake.”
“Relocating to a new place, for no rhyme or reason, will mean drastic changes for the entire family. We also have elderly members in the family who need medical care and attention. The young are in school.”
He stressed that the police reports were lodged for the sake of clarification and for their own protection.

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