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Monday, June 28, 2010

Inside Story of LDP vs UMNO

Will LDP split from UMNO?

By Loyal Sabahan

Datuk YB Hajjiji Haji Noor, Minister of Local Govt, called YB Teo and informed him that he was in the dark about the termination of the eight local community leaders and will do his best to reinstate them. However, he said the appointment of Haji Harun was done by the Chief Minister [Musa Aman] and as such, he can only inform the CM of his request for him to be removed.

Note: this Haji Harun was put there by CM to sabotage (evidence in audio & video) LDP & YB Teo even before the last election due to the MAZU issue in the Kudat constituency as the YB post for TANJUNG Kapor Assembly Seat was formerly held by Tan Sri Chong for many terms and the Sabah CM HATES Tan Sri Chongwho was then the Minister of Tourism for not granting a 20 years privatization lease of SIPADAN Island to a S/B company held by CM cronies Richard Barnes and Olsen Lo (on behalf of his [CM's] son).

This same group (company) was eventually GIVEN 80 acres of ''land over water-TOL'' surrounding Mable Island by Musa for the proposed design and construction of a so-called ''Oceaniarium'' using 'Inno-Tech Architects S/B and AIA Planners, of which Richard Barne's Brother, Douglas, is a director.

This same company immediately SOLD the rights to this TOL [Temporary Occupation Lease of 20 years] to a company in West Malaysia controlled by a Penang Chinese (a Mr Wong) for many Millions of $$$.

This CM never forgave Tan Sri Chong (LDP) for the above and has since tried to split up LDP by buying and influencing some party leaders ie Tan Sri Liew Yun Fah (now in Gerakan), Dtk VK Liew, and Dtk Dep Sabah CM Peter Pang to gang up against Datuk Chin Su Phin and YB Teo, who are aligned to Tan Sri Chong.

I gave the above inside story to you so that when you look back now, the picture will become clearer as to what caused the ''Rumble in BN. LDP vs UMNO''.

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