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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Faekah's all set to work Selangor MB's agenda

Controversial appointee, Faekah Husin, is unfazed by the daunting tasks that lie ahead in her newly anointed position as the political secretary of Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

With 16 years of legal practice on her back and 12 years of flagging reformasi while in PKR, she’s convinced that she is well placed for the job irrespective of what others think.

Touching on her controversial appointment, Faekah said: “I don’t think my appointment was objected to by the 15 parliamentarians.

“In fact, the first person I spoke to about my appointment was party president Dr Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail). Then I informed senator (deputy president) Syed Husin Ali and Kuala Langat MP Abdullah Sani.

“I was straight with Abdullah and I told him I had informed all the PKR divisions. Where was the objections... I think it’s just another political strategy to rattle PKR.”

Unfazed by the swirls of views tailing her appointment, Faezah said she was prepared to be Khalid’s political spine and pillar in Selangor, ensuring that his principal agenda, to “help and defend Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor” is achieved.

For Faekah, 45, who has been PKR Kuala Langat’s women chief since 1999, nothing is impossible.

Understanding the party’s struggle and Khalid’s needs placed her in the ideal position to succeed Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad who has been appointed PKR’s chief of communications.

“I have been given two years to help Khalid. His agenda is now my agenda, which is to tell the people that a good administration needs efficiency,” she told FMT when met at her home after taking her oath of office yesterday.

She said it was, as such, imperative that every state executive councillor and supporting officers realise the policies that will eventually be implemented.

“Without them (officers), the policies which Khalid wants to implement will not succeed. These officers are crucial to the success of Khalid’s policies,” said the lawyer from Klang.

Faekah, who set up her law firm Faekah & Choung, some 16 years ago, said Khalid had previously struggled with his agenda.

“I know he is in a difficult position. His policies are not carried by the main stream media.

“So we now must take the changes he’s done to the ground and explain to the people so that they continue to support us.

“The kampung folk are suffering, goods and oil prices have gone up.

“How are we going to convince them? We will try and try and try by doing the best for the rakyat and then hopefully they will understand the situation and our efforts,” she said.

When asked what would be her first step now that she Khalid’s political secretary, Faekah said : “I need to first get a written portfolio regarding my scope of work, because the work is extensive.”

Changing the face of reformasi

Faekah, who is the 10th child in her family, was introduced to politics by her late father Husin Abdul Mokhti. He died at the age of 76 when she was 26 years old.

He father was a lifetime supporter of PAS and his involvement had opened her mind to the world of politics.

Her passion for politics led to her involvement as an activist of PKR’s reformasi agenda in 1999.

Twelve years on, she is now taking the reformasi agenda a step further to help Khalid secure Selangor as a Pakatan stronghold.

“Reformasi may be one of my agendas in my new job. We will have to see how it can be resurrected but Selangor is already supporting the reformasi struggle and this is in line with my agenda.

“When Khalid offered me the job, I saw the second phase of our struggle taking shape.

“It meant that all that we had struggled for until now must be transformed into an agenda of action. It is now time to implement the policies that Khalid sets out,” said Faekah, who was the PKR Selangor’s secretary in 2005 when Khalid was at the helm.

Pakatan offers new-age politics

Being the first woman political secretary is not an an important issue or achievement for Faekah.

What is important to her is that Khalid’s mission is accomplished.

She spoke with awe at the administration of Pakatan coalition which she claimed exceeded all political expectations.

“Being the first woman political secretary is not a big issue. If people see it as a positive step, so be it. But what is important is the new politics that we bring.

“The younger generation are fascinated by the politics exhorted by Pakatan which cuts across race, gender and religious beliefs.

“This is what I find both awesome and fascinating,” she said.

She said this Pakatan philosophy was imbibed by Khalid when he appointed government officers.

“There was no question of whether you were from Umno, PAS, DAP or PKR when receiving aid or appointment. This is what Khalid’s administration is all about,” she said.

courtesy of FMT

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