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Friday, November 30, 2018

Tycoon Vincent Tan proposes setting up fund to purchase land to resolve temple issue

KUALA LUMPUR: Businessman Tan Sri Vincent Tan has proposed setting up a fund to buy the land where the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is located.
He said it would be the best way to ensure the temple remains there.
“The public can buy the land, pay off the developer and let the temple stay.
“It will be difficult to expect the Selangor state government to buy the land,” he said.
Tan pledged RM500,000 to kick off the fund.
He was also joined by Tan Sri Barry Goh, who previously headed MCT Bhd until it was taken over by Ayala Land from the Philippines.
Goh has also pledged the same amount of RM500,000.
“We are confident that more Malaysians are prepared to donate to keep the temple.
“Malaysians are by nature respectful of all places of worship,” Tan said.
According to Tan, Malaysians believed in the freedom of religion, and that they were all tolerant of each other.
The temple land of 1.1 acres is said to be valued between RM14.37mil and RM15.33mil.
Goh, who is a non-independent and non-executive director at MCT, expressed his support for the proposal.
He is also the executive chairman of BGMC, a listed company in the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) main board.
Tan, a follower of the Tzu Chi Buddhist charity group, said he upheld the teachings of the group’s founder and leader Master Cheng Yen.
“Master has always advocated inter-religious harmony and tolerance. Tzu Chi has built many churches and mosques in many countries.
“Tzu Chi members are encouraged to be helpful to other religious organisations,” he said.
Tan said he would seek support from others for the proposal, saying he would provide more details and the support mechanism.
He said he would also use social media to get crowdfunding for the proposed exercise.-Star

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