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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, November 30, 2018

tidak ada pengesahan rasmi ?? lelaki mirip baginda ??

Does this also mean that Tun Dr Mahathir was not invited to the wedding? Oh sorry you. Here is the news. 

Tun Dr M tidak menerima pengesahan rasmi Istana mengenai Agong kahwin

Beliau enggan mengulas kerana tidak mengetahui atau maklum 
Sejak minggu lalu, beberapa gambar perkahwinan menunjukkan lelaki mirip bagindamengenakan persalinan baju Melayu lengkap berwarna biru tersebar di media sosial.

My comments : 
  • tidak ada pengesahan rasmi ??  
  • 'menunjukkan lelaki mirip baginda' ?  
Down to that level ?

This sounds like another case of "looks like him, walks like him, sounds like him" that happened twice before in this country.   

Last time it happened that other fellow said there was supposed to be a Siamese porn actor - look alike. Have you all forgotten that episode? You should not.  

Bukan saya cakap tau. Dia yang cakap. No one else could have cooked up such a bizarre suggestion - " wallaahi it was a Thai porn actor who looks like me".   Just some 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah'. 

Well back to this story - what Tun Dr Mahathir means is that without a formal notification the Government of Malaysia does not know if the Agong - who is also the Head of the Government of Malaysia - has got married or not.

So do we have a Raja Permaisuri Agong or not? 
How will they hang the pictures now?

And without a formal notification  Dr Mahathir cannot throw a tea party. 
And I will not be invited. 
I will be out of town anyway - nowadays I live "in the country". 

When Malaysian Muslims get married outside the country they have to register their marriage with the nearest Malaysian Embassy. (I think). Then when they return home they have to re-register their marriage again.  Otherwise the marriage is not recognised here in Malaysia.

This is the psycho syariah system they have ONLY in Malaysia. 
No other Islamic country in the world has this level of stupidity. 

If you are a Pakistani, an Arab, an Iranian or an African Muslim you can get married anywhere in the world.   If they have access to an imam, Muslim couples who marry overseas will have some kind of religious ceremony.  But they may still need to get some marriage license or registration in some government registry of that country.  They are accepted as officially married, everywhere on planet earth.

Except in Malaysia. In contrast Malaysian Muslim couples who marry overseas usually get a load of crap when they come home.  

Two of my friends who got married while in the UK faced hell when they returned home to Malaysia. They had registered their marriage at the Embassy in the UK and when they came home they went to the local syariah registry to re-register their marriage. The syariah guys gave them hell and threw up all sorts of objections and 'tak bolehs'.  At last they had to pull some cables just to get their marriage registered here.

Do you think the Agong will be re-registering his marriage here with the syariah system?

There is one exception. When the serambi maksiat fellows get married in Golok they do not bother to register anything here. Golok as you know is a Thai town just across the border from serambi maksiat - which is well known for its prostitution. 

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