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Monday, April 2, 2012

Death of Nigerian causes 150 to riot in Kajang

Death of Nigerian causes 150 to riot in Kajang
KAJANG-About 150 Africans almost caused a riot here yesterday following the death of one of their countrymen earlier in the morning.
It was learnt that the Africans at Venice Hill Condominium rushed down when they heard that a Nigerian man was allegedly beaten to death by Rela officers.
In the incident, they confronted the condominium security guards and the police, armed with parang and iron rods.
Besides destroying the guard house, they also beat up four security personnel of the building.
A witness said the group had also chased three police officers who had tried to disarm them.
"The crowd refused to disperse even after being warned by police several times."
Earlier, Onochie Martins Nwankro, 32, was allegedly beaten up by Rela officers after he was accused of molesting a cleaner at the condominium.
Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Ab Rashid Ab Wahab said after the cleaner had complained to the Rela officers, the suspect had tried to escape by taking the lift to the ground floor.
"The Rela officers then informed the police they had caught a Nigerian man who had molested a worker here. When my men arrived at the scene, they found him unconscious with his hands bound. He was then sent to a medical centre nearby where he was pronounced dead," Rashid said.
- New Straits Times

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