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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still singing the race song when music has ended

YOURSAY | ‘Rais Yatim forgot that today's youth are no longer easily led or hoodwinked.’
CQ Muar: Former minister Rais Yatim must be 'talking through his nose' when he said he was not interested in joining the opposition or support it.
Urging Umno and BN to win the hearts and minds of the younger generation will be futile with so many scandals causing Malaysia to plunge to such a deplorable state.
Rais also raised the issue of the 14th general election, requesting efforts being intensified in order to win the election. He forgot that today's youth are no longer easily led or hoodwinked.
The younger generations are much smarter now; can differentiate between right and wrong and are more outspoken. This new breed are more inclined towards freedom of speech, expression and democracy.
They are no longer enslaved by dictators, who are liars and crooks enriching themselves through the centuries.
Speaking Sense: Shouldn't the issue be fighting for Malaysians, rather than for Malays or Chinese or Indians or Dayaks or Iban, etc.
More than 50 years of being a nation and a man like Rais still cannot see beyond the colour of his skin. What a damning indictment of Umno-BN’s failure at nation-building.
GE14Now!: None of them are fighting for the Malay cause. They are all fighting for their own personal gains. One wants his son to be the next PM, the other wants to bleed the country dry.
If these people are the Malay cause, then it is a pathetic cause indeed - and one that is evidenced by the sad state of most of the Malays in the country after more than 50 years of Umno mismanagement.
So many are still dirt poor while the elite are robbing the country blind. This current imbroglio in Umno only serves to warn us of how hypocritical the party is to any cause but its own.
Appum: There's a flaw in your argument, Rais. Dr Mahathir Mohamad started the fight with Najib before his son was sacked.
By the way, are you sure you are fighting for the Malays and not for Najib? This sounds hypocritical to me.
Dont Just Talk: Rais, have you forgotten what you said, when you supported Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the founder and president of Semangat 46.
You boldly went where no one dared to go by proclaiming that you had severed all ties with Umno Baru and had burnt the bridge or whatever that was left of it. That sounded very heroic but years later, you returned to Umno Baru with your tail between your legs.
What Malay cause are you talking about, Rais, when all along, the cause has been “what is there in it for me?”
RCZ: With people like you still with Umno, the party is on its way to doom. You are still singing the race song when the music has already ended.
Youth want peace, friendship with all races, jobs and a good life.
You want to uphold only Malay rights. See the difference? Anyway, the ones who speak like you and are destroying the Malays are the Malays themselves.
Kingfisher: Moral wisdom is that it is perpetually justified to struggle for a good and noble cause but it is foolhardy and immoral to continue supporting those who steal and abuse in the name of the cause.
Much wisdom leads to much sorrow and much knowledge leads to suffering.
Anonymous #12566075: Yes, Razaleigh (Ku Li), you have the absolute right to sign the Kelantan Declaration.
As an MP, when you sign something that means you support it, it’s that simple. Don't twist and turn to justify your action. You have shown your true colours.
Lamps: Ku Li tries to make another U-turn after taking so many U-turns. It is a good thing that he never became PM.
This is a man without any integrity or courage to do the right thing. Malaysians have given up on you, Ku Li.
Anonymous 2362021442199789: At this crucial crossroad of the nation's future, he lost the golden opportunity to play a defining role. Now he will be relegated to the dustbin of 'has-beens' who will soon be forgotten.
In comparison, Mahathir is still as sharp as ever and refusing to see the legacy he has built be demolished by the wrong choice of a successor.
Whilst we may blame him for failing to ensure the right choice, at the very least he has admitted his failure and he is taking the responsibility of righting the wrong before he faces his Maker.
Obiwan: This chameleon is giving a very confusing statement. Is he saying he was tricked into signing the declaration?
AF: A man of your stature (or what little you have) should take this kind of issues (such as signing a declaration) seriously. Surely you don't need a humble man-on-the-street like me to tell you that, Tengku.
You have clearly shown yourself to be a great flip-flopper. -Mkini

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