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Sunday, July 31, 2011

another "shiok sendiri" booster !

Huh.....another "pariah"(I will still use this derogatory term loosely to describe all Malaysians of remote Indian origins, yours truly included, as long as "Interlok" is used as a literature text book in our education system !) gets to be a full minister ! A guy who lost in the last general election but still ascended to be the president of the almost irrelevant Malaysian Indian community. The party that never protested against the usage of that derogatory term used in educating all future children of this nation. ( here )

Coming back to Datuk G. Palanivel's rise into PM Najib's department as a full minister, again it is not without
'conditions' imposed by the now infamous"deal or no deal" Prime Minister. Najib "Now MIC has to deliver and we (government) can deliver to show our sincerity." Again Najib thinks he is addressing the Indians of India and not Malaysians. Can you see MIC is said,"them" and we the"government" here referred to UMNO ?? Come on lah...does this sound like 1Malaysia to you ?? Is there nothing Najib will do out of love for the citizens of Malaysia without classifying them as races and without conditions ? What a shame it'll be when come election time and Palanivel cannot deliver. 1Malaysia....what a joke hehehe !!

The way the Prime Minister's ratings with the common folks is free-falling earthwards since the arrest of the PSM6, BERSIH, Ibrahim Ali and his
"bloody" brag of 709 and then after meeting the"yellow" Queen of England and the Catholic Pontiff offers a new deal again with Christians here demanding respect to religion, I think he has failed miserably just like his now abandoned and pathetic 1Malaysia crap.

So how is this
"Indian-man" going to make a difference to the PM's flagging ratings and BN in particular ? Surely sly Palanivel will be a mere "yes"man, window dressing the PM's colourful department together with that other discard from Gerakan, Koh Tsu Khoon. Have you noticed how silent they all were in all issues stated in para 3 above ? Can they even speak up against the "taiko"of the PM's department, the ever loud and brash Nazri Aziz ? And these are the goons who are representing the respective "immigrants" in their charges, yes ?

Increasing his cabinet won't guarantee a win in the next election when the PM speaks with a forked-tongue to his people. Making deals and
"brokering"with his component party leaders is totally unacceptable, dishonest and down right cheap.

Over to you Palanivel. Not that anyone's expecting anything new from you anyway !
Just enjoy the ride and the perks.

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