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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Indian ministers no reason to cheer

your say'One real person fighting for justice like Ambiga Sreenevasan is worth more than 1,000 Indian ministers in Umno's cabinet.'

Najib: Palanivel to be made full minister

NX: The PM needs to understand that the rakyat don't mind if all the ministers are Malay. What is important for every citizen is a righteous, non-corrupt government that helps any citizen who is in need, and a government who conducts elections freely and fairly so that a popular government is elected.

This is what seems to elude the wisdom of our politicians. In Malaysia, all the races love and respect one another. We rejoice in our diversity. It is the politicians who rejoice in 'divide and rule according to race' in their narrow approach to self-survival.

MatrixLYN: This is the best joke of the day - "going back to Tun Razak's time". After all these years, there are now only two Indian ministers as if it's something to shout about.

So what if there are 10 Indian ministers in the cabinet? Does it make any difference to the average Indian on the street? What if they give 20 ministers to MCA? Is it going to get them the Chinese support?

The rakyat have already realised all of BN's cheap racist tricks. Who cares if you have 100 Indians, Chinese, Kadazan, Dayak, whatever ministers in your cabinet? In the end, all are destined to be running dogs for Umno.

One real person fighting for justice like Ambiga Sreenevasan is worth more than 1,000 Indian ministers in Umno's cabinet.

Dood: Who cares if G Palanivel or any other MIC leader is made full, half, or three-quarter minister? Does PM Najib Razak think this gesture will appease Malaysians who are angry over his handling of Bersih 2.0 and the EO 6?

Swipenter: Najib is telling the MIC Indians, "Look I am scratching your back, you better scratch mine" with the appointment of Palanivel to be a full minister. This is just a trick and a threat to the Indians that they better vote BN in GE13 or else.

Really, who cares about the skin colour of our ministers as long as they can work and produce results. We should move forward by appointing ministers based on merits and not on race.

Dr Suresh Kumar: Umno was brought to its knees after the Nov 25, 2007 Hindraf-led Indian 'uprising' against 54 years of injustices and tyranny against the Indians.

P Uthayakumar of Hindraf/HRP to this day is still fighting Umno's tyranny and exposing all their injustices perpertrated against the Indians, especially the Indian poor, who make up nearly 70 percent of the Indian population, effectively making them the new underclass in our society.

Najib has refused to address these legitimate and pressing issues, but is trying to curry favour the Indians by making another spineless MIC leader a full minister. If Najib thinks that he can keep power by making rich Indians richer through the offer of positions and contracts, then I must say he is naive and in a delusional state.

I feel sorry for such leaders who are unable to feel the pulse of the people who are seeking true, fundamental changes. Umno and its leaders are living proof of 'old habits die hard'.

Vijay47: Indians never learn and fully deserve their present lot. Their life story has been one of false promises from every prime minister except perhaps Tunku Abdul Rahman, and still they vote for BN.

All it needs to win them over is for someone in authority to make them a promise that will never be honoured.

Have you not got these promises a million times before? And I suppose you will also believe that it was MIC's great influence that won the PSM 6 their freedom.

Werewolves: What the Indian and Chinese communities want is to be treated as equal. No more quotas, no more difference between bumis and non-bumis.

What is the point of having another minister when there is no change in government policies? It will benefit only one person and perhaps his cronies.

PR fans: Tomorrow's headlines will read, 'Palanivel says Indian support is back to BN'. Keep on dreaming, MIC.

I am Indian and we support Bersih and will support Pakatan Rakyat to take over Putrajaya. My friends and family members had voted for MIC all this while, but this has changed since 2008.

Ksn: If Najib, Palanivel and MIC believe that this promotion is going to bring back the support of the Indians for Umno-BN then all of them have it coming - in shock waves.

Does it make any difference to the Indians that Palanivel is a full minister just like what MCA and Gerakan ministers are to the Chinese, or for that matter for the country?

Umno is the government proper and the other leaders representing other races are just office boys for Umno. Talk about charades and childishness.

Headwillroll: We in Sarawak have so many MPs and yet we are given very trivial posts. Tell us one good reason for us to remain with the BN.

MCA and MIC with fewer MPs are doing far better than us. Gerakan is luckier, a totally smashed up party without a single seat, it can still occupy a seat in the cabinet with Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

And what do we Sarawakians get? They choose the brainless MPs and give them menial deputy ministers' posts. And these menteriare so happy with their positions because when they go back to their kampong, everyone kowtows to them as they are 'somebody'.

VS-1965: Yes, first get Palanivel to ask for the release of the PSM 6, but he only had the guts to do so one month after the detention. And you throw him a ministerial post, and say this is BN's contribution to the Indians.

Najib, you must be in dreamland thinking this will gain Indians' support - you may get the MIC members' support, but rest assured no right-thinking Indian is going to support them.

Anonymous_3f35: Well, the MIC Indians (to differentiate them from the rest of the Indians) have asked for more money to dole out to the Indian poor to buy their votes. Expect more allocations to Tamil schools and temples.

Other than that, no change of any real value is going to come to the community. More Indian gangsters shall be beaten to death and gunned down as the root cause for gangsterism in the community will not be addressed.

Discrimination will continue and the MIC, 50 years down the road, will be singing the same tune. - Malaysiakini

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