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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What we can learn from the MIC AGM

1) MIC has no Standards

Because apparently, people who are not good enough to be MPs in the eyes of BN Kuala Selangor, is good enough to be the President of the MIC

2)The Cabinet has no Standards

You may not be good enough for the Dewan Rakyat, but you can try applying for Senatorship, Ministership and be part of the machinery known as Fastsinkingship.This is not peculiar to MIC, as it also happens in other ‘pseudo-members’ of BN like Gerakan and PPP. Coincidentally, all these parties have leaders who did not get elected (and in one case, did not even get chosen to stand for election), but managed to be Cabinet members via the mysterious ‘Jabatan Perdana Menteri’ whose functions and roles are basically whatever the Perdana Menteri fancies or can come up with that sounds important, official and ‘gempak’.

3)MIC Members Don’t Know where Putrajaya is

That is the only logical explanation as to why only half of the delegates turned up, even after the prerequisite for being a delegatewas reduced from being a divisional officebearer to merely a branch head (meaning there iss a 80% chance you are a retired headmaster/mistress)

4)MIC members do not give a F*ck about Elections

Why else will 200,000 members not be registered voters? If voting for/supporting the government is not MIC’s first and foremost aim, what is? Sucking up to the leaders? I did not say it, Palanivel did.

5)MIC Doesn’t Give a F*ck about Indians

Because they won’t allow anything on Interlok,possibly the one major thorn in the Indian community’s side at the moment, to be mentioned in the AGM.An Indian Muslim gentleman is out there fighting so that Palanivel,Subramaniam and Nijhar’s children won’t have to read and come home to Papa asking why they are called Paria, but MIC is not allowed to talk about it in their AGM

6)Indians Don’t Give a F*ck about MIC

Coz we got more important things to worry about than retired headmasters coming together to eat Iddiappam once every two years.

- Emmanuel Joseph

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