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Friday, June 29, 2012

Not Exactly, Dr. M.

Yesterday, The Malaysian Insider has reported here that Dr. Mahathir commented that the Chinese voters are the kingmakers in the country and they would be the ones that who will decide who will form the next government after GE-13.

That is correct in one certain perspective but in overall he is partially right. There are reports running around both political fronts that the Chinese are leaning towards the opposition and have already determined to bury MCA six feet under. In other words, as what others have reported, UMNO has already in heart given up on MCA's efforts to get Chinese support and as what was written previously, they have already focused more on Malay support.

However, taking into the account of the number of parliamentary / state seats won by MCA alone in the previous GE, the party won no thanks to votes from postal and those who still blindly believe on the party that claims that elephants fly and money grows on trees after more than 2 score years.

If we take into account of Dr. Mahathir's statement, then Pakatan can improve its previous score of 82 to a good guess estimation of 105 seats. However, as what Raja Petra said yesterday here, "The next election is going to be a photo finish.". Chinese as kingmakers is not sufficient enough.

The total votes ratio (with postal included) will be a 3:4:3 thing meaning that as what Pete said in the same posting that a 5% swing from the 40% fence sitters can give a win to either one coalition.

Have we also forgotten about Sabah and Sarawak? The convention of both states being safety deposits has already been broken. They are also another kingmaker, and either front must get at least 20+ seats to form a government. 

We also have to remember that for those who are fence sitting they still are looking into who to choose. However, what they may not know is that because the next GE is a make or break for either one side, they may unaware choose to believe in continuing the believe of the party that indirectly claims elephants can fly.

So it's not exactly correct, doctor.

- A Little Taffer's Room

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