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22 May 2024

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The return of exiled P. Waytha Moorthy (HINDRAF) to Malaysia

Wong Mun Chee
It is rather fascinating that the Chairman of HINDRAF has taken the decision to forego his asylum status in United Kingdom and return to a possible arrest when he lands in Malaysia on August 1, 2012; more so after filing the class action against the British government on behalf of the Malaysian Indians.
The return of Waytha Moorthy, who is often seen as a pragmatic and the real deal person, may throw the spanners at both the BN and PAKATAN as far as the Malaysian Indian voters are concerned.     
Parties and organizations are merely mediums for the goals of the leaders which have mainly been political in Malaysia, let it be BN or PAKATAN, but not to identify a real leader with a goal for the public. We need to at least acknowledge a character like Mr Waytha Moorthy who has fought gallantly in the international arena, while in exile, for the release of the HINDRAF 5 from ISA, bringing the Borneo issues in British Parliament & the United Nations, and even arranging for Anwar’s EDM in British Parliament in 2010.          
The act and desire of the HINDRAF Chairman had been greeted well as seen above but whenever HINDRAF raises an issue that concerns the Malaysian Indians, it has been classified racist even by Anwar, the chameleon savior.   
Many skeptics and soothsayers run an agenda, like how BN is with their have the government machineries or PR with their $3 billion account of Anwar, but HINDRAF with neither in place is still sustaining through genuine leadership.
The mere fact that HINDRAF continues to hold its own ground and pursue its objective with all the backlash along with the decision by Waytha Moorthy to return to Malaysia even when he faces imminent arrest, characterizes the notion of the movement for the truth that needs to surface beyond politics.
If we are Malaysian, I am sure we do know what the truth is when we see it. The perseverance of HINDRAF has always fascinated me as they continue to struggle and fight and the bold effort taken by their Chairman only shows how shallow the current political leaders are whether it is BN or PR who can only run with the tide for political strength rather than what is morally dutiful to accomplish what is pertinent for the people.
The detractors may come in hoards full, but we need to recognize and acknowledge real leaders as opposed to those who bow for vote counts.

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