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Friday, June 29, 2012

SB 'threatens' ISA detainees with longer detentions

Two Internal Security Act detainees refused to entertain lawyers who visited them at the Kamunting Detention Camp yesterday following alleged threats of longer detention by Special Branch (SB) police officers.

Lawyer Afiq M Noor said one of the detainees, Fadzullah Abdul Razak, told him that SB officers had threatened to extend the his detention period if he spoke to the lawyers.

NONEFadzullah and his brother, who is also held under ISA, had initially refused to speak to Afiq and three other lawyers when they met at the detention camp. However, Fadzullah later changed his mind and briefly talked to the lawyers.

Afiq (right) was visiting the duo as part of the Abolish the ISA Movement (GMI) delegation which included lawyers Edmund Bon, New Sin Yew and Chen Yen Hui.

They were visiting the detention camp to investigate reports that nine detainees were on a hunger strike to demand for their release.

"They looked fine, but tired," said Afiq of the detainees.

Thus far, one detainee, Razali Kassan, has ended his strike after he was hospitalised.

Afiq said his group were unable to meet Razali, but were told that the detainee was sent back to Kamunting after being given food.

Last Saturday, two detainees began a fresh hunger strike following an earlier one in May.

They were soon joined by seven other detainees on Tuesday.
Solitary confinement

Afiq added that four detainees are currently being held in solitary confinement.
Fadzullah has been in isolation for the past two months, but the other three were only separated from the rest after they began their hunger strike.

NONEThey are Sri Lankan national Anthony Sackarayas Natkuman, Razali and another unnamed detainee.

"We will discuss with GMI and the families of the detainees to decide on the next step," said Afiq, adding that they now had papers indicating the grounds of detention for the detainees.

"Most of the grounds were involvement in human trafficking and terrorism," he said, adding that there was no evidence in all the cases.

The group is calling for the release of all ISA detainees following the passing of the Security Offences Bill (Special Measures) 2012, meant to supplant the ISA, on May 9 by the Dewan Negara.
A number of the detainees have complained of Guantanamo-style tortures when they were arrested. 

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