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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cakap Cakap...as a Malay this is what I think...

We Malays have a contract with UMNO. The terms of the contract are simple. We vote you in. You take care of us. The same the Chinese had with MCA and the Indians with MIC. Typical of contracts amongst friends it was sealed with no more then a handshake and a belief that we will not let each other down. Over the years there have been times when we Malays have questioned the commitment of UMNO to keep their side of the bargain but always we have kept faith with some UMNO leaders – Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein. Fifty years down the road and six Prime Ministers later what do we have? The edge of extinction for Ketuanan Malays that was promised to us by UMNO. Thank God the Malays evolved. UMNO did not!

Now what are the Malays left with? What choice do we have? Do we vote UMNO to power again and have another fifty years of hope? Hope that another generation of Malays will not be let down by UMMO like their father were? We have spent fifty years of our life with UMNO. Fifty years of our life that we will never get back! UMNO stands for failure - for the Malays and for all those who call Malaysia their home.

UMNO is in a dilemma. They must have the Malay votes to remain in power. UMNO’s battle cry to the Malays is Ketuanan Melayu! And yet they know that 1Malaysia is a concept whose time has come and within 1Malaysia, the Ketuanan Melayu concept is simple untenable. There is no place for Ketuanan Melayu in 1 Malaysia.

The plight of the Malays has always been the same for the past twelve elections and it will be the same for the next twelve elections to come. It is this. We need to look within ourselves to better ourselves. Outside assist – whether in the form of Bumiputra status or privileges given to the Malays to improve their lives can only be of value if the Malays help themselves. That is the same for any race for any people. Now after fifty years we Malays understand that we are our own worst enemies – not the Chinese, not the Indians not the other races. We have learned to live with the other races as they have learned to live with us. The promise of a tomorrow without UMNO for the Malays is more attractive then one with UMNO.

UMNO will leave government still justifying their inability to ensure Ketuanan Melayu because of time constrain! They have come to office promising the Malays much. Then once in power they have promised much more but ended up destroying what opportunity the Malays had to succeed under Ketuanan Melayu in the name of saving it. The failure of UMNO is not only in their broken promises and of unmet goals promised to the Malays. All politicians makes promises they cannot keep, but UMNO stands out for abandoning the Malays in order to put themselves first.

The immediate challenge for the Malays will not come from the other races. It has never come from the other races. The immediate challenge now is to use our numerical strength to ensure the defeat of UMNO in the next General Election and put in its place a decent and good government for all of Malaysia. That will be the responsible use of the Malay strength and a true measure that we have come of age and that we are using that strength to make the best of our country’s future for all of us. And that strength will ensure that we will have a meaningful part to play in the future of our country.

Who care that UMNO says that they need more time? Not the Malays! UMNO trusted the Malays to do the right thing for fifty years by voting UMNO to power to take care of the Malays. Now the Malays are asking that UMNO trust the Malays to do the right thing again. This time the Malays will do the right thing by NOT voting for UMNO.
courtesy of Steadyaku47

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