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Thursday, July 29, 2010


seriously.....I'm lost for words !

While the nation is still reeling in utter disgust of the horrified news of a child who was raped in full view of other kids in a school bus and in broad daylight too, by a mathar-fcuking piece of shit (here) who doubles as a bus-driver, elsewhere a"wayang" is played out for us to actually think Tun Ling is going to be brought to book on 2 counts of cheating in the other "rape" of the PKFZ scandal. (here )

Is Tun Ling Liong Sek a
"fall guy" for the other Tuns ? Surely one other Tun and ex-premier must be getting real scared and nervous now......for still bitching of pet projects shelved or grounded by his "miscalculated" and "mistake" of a successor and his son-in-law, yes ? That is another story for another day.

But seriously, do you actually think justice is going to see the light of day in OUR courts ? You must be kidding ! This is all a diversion. Trust me. I am a reliable source. Even you are ! Drama for the kampung folks to be kept busy at their
"teh-tarik warongs", a diversion away from that DPP being"bonked" by that guy who never took a crap for 3 days, "arseman" Saifool issue.
We are the only country which named the High Court as "Palace"......why ? A right royal scam of justice is more appropiate ! And lets not start about our corrupt police force.

And to think that other hopeful Tun-in-waiting Samy won't need a Tunship now....if he's not getting any immunity from our courts. Why do you think he's hanging on to his presidency of a dummy party for so long ?..... Samy's not
"plugged all the holes" fool-proof yet unlike the ex-premier and Maha Tun who'd like to think, has ! Samy also knows if he leaves now the entire country will swoop down on him and his family like vultures and hyenas to tear apart what little respect he's got left. And so does the ex-premier Tun too......it's called strategy "adik-beradik mah" !

Oh....the corruption that's reeking through the very crust of this BN government that's been covering each other's arse for so so loooong ! There's an old Roman saying ....corruption starts with the guard at the walls of Rome and goes all the way up to the Ceasar...hmmmm ! Then there's the other level of Napoleons below this Emperors.....like Toyo and Taibs and Chuas and Myrandies.

Or as one lovely lady friend from Sabah countered...
"the FD has matured.....time to withdraw !"

Okay.....now get back to reality and think of how many ways you'd like to torture that low-life scum who robbed a little child's future forever.....sigh !

courtesy of Shanghai Fish

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