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Monday, July 18, 2011

Foreigners will be the Prime Voters at the Malaysia 13th General Election

There are at the moment 11.6 million registered voters in Malaysia. From previous General Elections approximately 3 millions will turn out to vote.

UMNO rather Barisan Nasional will need to achieve 1.5 million plus 1 vote to rule. Knowing that the people are more educated, aware and fearless, The Home Ministry and Election Commission are targeting at registering 2 million foreign illegal immigrants. As Home Ministry and Election Commission are run by dumb bells, this is where the Peace Corp comes in. The Peace Corps (suppose to teach English) are assisting the use of Biometer to register these foreign illegal immigrants.

Then the already registered 2.6 million Rela members who have suddenly become new postal voters.

So once all these hanky panky is finished. There will be 4.6 million confirmed voters who will have secure a win for UMNO rather Barisan Nasional. So UMNO/Barisan Nasional will win even without having to go through the 13th General Election.

So this is where ALL MALAYSIANS must chip in to ensure that the Rela members are not to be included like the spouses of uniform men and women in the postal bags. Make continuous demand to the Government, rela members IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE POSTAL VOTERS.

To put a stop on the illegal foreign immigrants to vote. We have to start knowing who are our neighbours, check on the mamak food outlets workers, markets and known meeting points where these foreigners gather every weekend. This is to familiar ourselves WHO and WHERE they are from. And last at voting areas talk to every voter to check on their nationality. We simply cannot allow them to vote. This may not be 100% but at least we can achieve 60% success.

Have you not noticed how these Mamak suddenly spring out to DEFEND UMNO and Perkasa? Mamak do not side any political parties unless they have something to gain. That is their nature and selfishness.

To further add insult to ALL MALAYSIANS.

There are presently 450,000 even 6th generations poor Malaysian Indians denied Mykad and Birth Certificates.

40,000 children (Bumiputra, Sabahan, Sarawakians, Chinese, Eurasians, Indians and others) in Chow Kit who are also denied Mykad and Birth Certificates.

Approximately 1 million above 21 years old Malaysians of all races majority Bumiputras are denied Mykad and Birth Certificates.

All these legitimate Malaysians are not allowed to go to schools, seek medical care, and have proper shelter, work and vote. BUT FOREIGNERS ARE GIVEN MYKADS, LAND, WORK AND VOTING RIGHTS.

Can someone from UMNO, Barisan Nasional, Perkasa, Silat Group, Mydin and Mamak gang, Khairy and Sharizat explain?

No need to be arrogant like our Foreign Minister. “What is your name? Where you from or When was the last time you were back in Malaysia?”

By the way as Malaysian do you understand the meaning of RUKUNEGARA that is printed on back of all the exercise books in SCHOOLS?

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  1. Dear Mohd Kamal, Last week I took a Rapid bus from J Leboh Ampang to Jalan Semarak (J Gurney)I met so many new Indonesians (foreign talents of low education or skills)families (of 5 to 7, including young children)coming on to the same bus. Later I also observed the same scneros in Jalan T Abdul Rahman and Jalan Chow Kit.

    So with the number of about 2 millions illegal foreigners registered by the the Home Ministry, we can easily compute the probable total sum of illegals at 5 to six millions ( including those not registered). So just estimate the astronomical social and financial cost that all true and loyal Malaysians have to pay for these illegals and permit holders of foreign talents !

    Please note that Singapore disallow the foreign permit holders (duration of 2 or 3 years) to bring any of their spouses or children into the nation. Just imagine the savings in social and financial cost by Singapore, and also the perennial problems of law and order that the Malaysian communities faced with the influx of 10 millions foreigners into Malaysia (including Sabah). MALAYSIA BOLEH ! Wow Malaysia suppose to have only 27 millions of loyal Malaysians. MALAYSIA BOLEH !


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