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22 May 2024

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gang-rape call, flyers, among latest attacks on Ambiga

Gang-rape call, flyers, among latest attacks on Ambiga

KUALA LUMPUR - After Perkasa's threat to attack the Chinese and the prime minister's lambasting of Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan as someone who "threatened Islam", pro-UMNO supporters opposed to the July 9 rally have stepped up their campaign, this time with yet another vile tirade against Ambiga.

In two of the latest threats, flyers bearing images of Ambiga have been distributed. A quick look at the tone of its wordings - exhortation to "defend Islam" while using abusive and un-Islamic language - leaves no doubt that the flyer is the work of supporters of UMNO and its offshoot Perkasa.

Facebook pages have published photographs of the flyers distributed to the public in the Klang Valley, repeating the now-familiar accusation against her as "defender of Lina Joy", the Muslim lady who went to court over the authorities' refusal to confirm her renunciation of Islam unless she went through the Shariah courts.

But even more vile is a call by a staunchly pro-UMNO blogger called 'Papagomo' inciting people to rape Ambiga.

“Ambiga is not married," claimed the blogger in a Twitter posting about the 55-year old Ambiga. "Who wants Ambiga? The virgin, let me break it. Or else we gang bang together. Anyone has the appetite?” (Ambiga belum kawin lagi beb! Sapa nak ambiga? Anak Dara tu beb kasi pecah le! Tak pun kita gang bang ramai ramai! Ada yang selera?"

More factual errors

Ambiga's marital status is however not the only factual error committed by Bersih's opponents. As pointed out by blogger and lawyer Azhar Harun, the former Bar Council president had not been involved at all in Lina Joy's trial, used as basis by some to accuse her of "threatening Islam", a claim regurgitated by Najib to UMNO members in Kelantan last week.

“I am actually appalled at the PM labelling Ambiga as enemy of Islam because she supposedly was involved in Lina Joy's case... Get this: Ambiga wasn't involved in Lina Joy's case. Adoih! Die,” wrote Azhar on his Facebook.

"Doesn't the PM understand the functions of lawyers? So all those syarie lawyers who defend people accused of khalwat et cetera in Syariah Courts are enemies of Islam too?" he asked.

The latest attacks came in the wake of a rebuke by Marina Mahathir , daughter of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, condemning those who resort to abusive and racist language against Ambiga in their bid to stop the Bersih rally.

“It speaks of those who are against Bersih, (and) how shallow their arguments (are). This reflects badly on how they're brought up,” Marina told a press conference held by Bersih yesterday after a meeting to discuss the Agong’s statement urging for all parties to go to the negotiation table.

While Marina did not name her target of criticism, it was clearly aimed at members of UMNO's offshoot Perkasa, of which her father is the patron.

- Harakahdaily

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