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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be bold and cleanse BN, Najib told

LDP deputy president Chin Su Phin, who has called on Chief Minister Musa Aman to quit, urges the PM to axe corrupt leaders.

SANDAKAN: The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has urged Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to get rid of corrupt leaders in Barisan Nasional.

LDP deputy president Senator Chin Su Phin, who has been at the forefront of demanding that Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman step down, said Najib must make a bold decision.

“The PM must prove that he is the PM who walks the talk. We hope that all leaders who are found to be corrupt and involved in abuse of power will be dropped in the coming general election.

“There is this curse that Sabah will see a change of government every nine years. From our perspective, Sabahans need not have to change the present government… only one person needs to be changed to ensure a better future for Sabah,” he said.

“In our country, almost everybody has heard about the accusations being levelled against the chief ministers of Sabah and Sarawak.

“We strongly believe that if those leaders involved in corrupt practices and abuse of power are removed, BN will surely win the next general election,” he added when addressing the joint LDP Youth and Wanita congress here.

‘Pakatan a dysfunctional grouping’

Chin also reiterated that LDP would not allow itself to become a powerless figurehead in BN.

The outspoken LDP leader said the party would continue to voice out any pertinent issues affecting the people and fight for the truth and interest of the people.

“We will try to bring up issues and problems affecting the country and the people to the top BN leadership to seek a resolution… we remain loyal to BN and will continue to stay in the coalition,” he said but warned that they would not be “yes men”.

Meanwhile, Chin dismissed the opposition Pakatan Rakyat alliance comprising PKR, PAS and DAP as a dysfunctional grouping and said its attempt to introduce a two-party system in Malaysia was impractical.

The LDP leader nevertheless proposed that in Sabah, the BN must not only select winnable candidates but also winnable parties in facing the next general election.

“I dare say that LDP is a winnable party and we also have winnable candidates. We’ve been in BN with Umno ever since BN was in the opposition in Sabah and we fought together and ultimately formed the state government in 1994.

“We hope the BN leadership will recognise LDP’s contribution,” he said, adding that the members felt the party was being treated unfairly pointing out how the state BN leadership had allowed the assemblymen who were dissatisfied with their parties to cross over to another BN component party in order to keep their posts in the state government.

While praising Najib’s decision to abolish the unpopular Internal Security Act (ISA) he said: “We still needs certain laws to protect the country and fight terrorism, sensitive issues related to religion and security.”

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