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Monday, October 31, 2011

Video : Negeri Sembilan supporter beaten for allegedly burning the flag of Terengganu State

News of a Negeri Sembilan supporter was beaten badly for burning the Terengganu State flag at Stadium Shah Alam yesterday became so heated and controversial, as reported.

There was another version of stories that no fighting occurred, but supporters of the NS soccer fell because he was too happy to celebrate the victory of the Negeri Sembilan team having beaten Terengganu.

This is the controversial picture published since yesterday.

For the knowledge of readers, one of crew members of MiLo SuaM was at the crime scene at the stadium today. In fact, he joined to disperse the fight.

Recording of the video below proves that there was a fight at the stadium today showing a big group of Terengganu fans chasing and beating a supporter of NS .

Rationally, Terengganu supporters are unlikely to collaborate and be united in supporting with the attack on the NS supporter who has been alleged to have burnt their Terengganu State flag.

However, a survey conducted by MiLo SuaM at the stadium fail to reveal any burning of the State flag but perhaps it is presumed that it was cleared by the stadium management.

source : MiLo SuaM

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