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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, October 30, 2011


PROMISE .... What has happen to the 'sweet' promises of YB?

By: Mutalib M.D

"WHY Solar Hybrid worth hundreds of millions of dollars can be completed, but Jannah Al-Nur Mosque in Kampung Simuning Karim, the birthplace of His Excellency can not be completed. Where is our dignity?"Said Mohd Bin Isa who lamented the lack of concerns as the IslamicReligious Affairs Department Sabah and His Excellency Governor of theState of Sabah, Tun Juhar Mahiruddin on the issue of the mosque in the village Simuning idle for a long time.

Mohammad attention, what is more important than the physical development of the spiritual, while living in the village is a man with a heartand feelings.


"But our feeling is often mocked as a leader who came and visited our village just to reinvest and renew the promise," said Mohammad with atone of regret that the question of religion is a capital campaign to collectvotes leaders.

Former child while the UMNO branch Simuning Village, Jarniah AbdulKarim, also expressed regret that the Member of Parliament of Malaysia (Ancient) Haji Salleh Kalbi only empty promises and deceptive Semuningvillagers to support him.

"But until this day promises to provide a flash like RM50, 000 only empty promises, did not have five cents. He just came pictures of the mosqueafter the home and are not good here yet since two years ago, "saidJarniah that explains the mosque was built by my late father, but can not becompleted after his father ill and died.


According Jarniah, Tungku assemblyman, Datuk DJ Sahibus SamahahSuhaili Mohd Said is coming to visit and promised to assist in the provision, but provides the ground that the Qiblah is not accurate.

"If the qiblah is not correct, then the cation establish. Why make an excuse to wash his hands. This is about the dignity of Islam, not a political problemthat can be kicked Kick, "said a disappointed with the attitude JarniahSuhaili.

Jarniah Suhaili also slammed the holy land were wont to perform Hajj whenMuslims in the village Simuning assistance and promises that have notassertion.

"He go around the pilgrimage. If he is correct this mosque, of course, therewards of pilgrimage, "said Jarniah who also pleaded that the Tun JuharMahiruddin visiting the mosque and providing assistance to the villagerscan worship comfortably.Menurut


In the meantime, Hairun Sakkam, who was 40 years old residing in the village Simuning inform the mosque twice removed, but not yet completed.

"No we can not give ready. We can also berpatak-patak (shared-secret)money and equipment to complete the mosque, but we're all poor and had to earn a living. Furthermore, we have a government and there are leaders who have promised, not a promise to us, but to God. If they default, they will curse God, "said Hairun which often become a priest rawatib in the mosque.

Given all of the 300 residents of Kampung Muslim Simuning and UMNO members, let alone there are about 200 registered voters in the village, itis appropriate Government's National Front coalition, Datuk Seri Najib TunRazak to take this issue seriously by the next general election.

"Given our mosque walls wind, roofed and floored promise of dignity, then the election to determine whether 13 is Semuning population will continue to support UMNO or change the wind, or that of neutrality," said Hairun had long been a grassroots party.

Hairun also appealed for Islamic Religious Affairs Department of State(JHEIANS) special visits to determine the correct Qiblah Qiblah as theycorrect the village mosque Thursday in Lahad Datu and then appointedParish Priest or Imam rawatib.

"I think people who are eligible and interested in filling the post becausemany people know the consequences of religion, but not yetcommissioned JHEAINS," said Hairun which plans to hold classes andPrescribing Ain Iqra mosque when ready and have the power of HybridSolar System Tambisan is scheduled to be operational early next year.


For Teachers Salapuddin Talib, 75, the National Front Governmentservices to the people of the village is very embarrassing, not to mentionthe class represented by Assemblywoman scholars.

"It's been 48 years of independence, beginikah our mosque? Thanks tothe BN government, "said Talib, a short and decisive.

read the original malay text : http://sabahkini.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8907:masjid-di-kampung-tyt-berdindingkan-angin&catid=35:berita-sabah&Itemid=27

Translated from Sabahkini

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