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Monday, October 31, 2011

Bolehland’s Bunch of No-Nos

Written by Martin Jalleh
Bolehland’s Bunch of No-Nos

Najib has no balls

Muhyiddin has no brains

Hishammuddin has no integrity.

Rais Yatim has no sense

Zahid has no defence

Nazri has no consistency.

Palanivel has no merit

Yen Yen has no explanation

Peter Chin has no energy.

Shafie Apdal has no clout

Noh Omar has no answers

Mohamed Yakcop has no transparency.

Shahrizat has no “beef”

Kong Cho Ha has no backbone

Liow Tiong Lai has no sincerity.

Ismail Sabri has no price controls

Ahmad Shabery has no medals

Idris Jala has no sagacity.

Ongkili has no innovation

Douglas Uggah has no enthusiasm

Shaziman has no accountability.

Tsu Koon has no leadership

Dompok has no support

Subramaniam has no empathy.

Rosmah has no self-control

Ezam has no real issues

Khairy has no decency.

MIC has no voice

MCA has no choice

Gerakan has no stability.

Judiciary has no honour

Police has no independence

AG has no impartiality.

MACC has no results

MCMC has no logic

EC has no credibility.

Parliament has no vibrancy

Speaker has no fairness

Civil service has no quality.

Himpun has no relevance

Jais has no evidence

Perkasa has no respectability.

Utusan Malaysia has no ethics

Umno’s papers have no limits

MSM have no objectivity.

Umno has no shame

It has made no changes

It has no morals and honesty.

BN has no future

A coalition of no principles

The government has no dignity.

Bolehland will have no money

The country will have no hope

A pariah nation – Asia’s tragedy!

Say “NO!” to Umno

Say “NO!” to BN

Say “NO MORE!”


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  2. You are a mother fucker behave same as BN. By using the word Pariah you show that you also a cheap street dog.


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