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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Azmin on RPK expose: I'm not that rich

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali today claimed that he is not as wealthy as stated in the leaked Anti-Corruption Agency documentspublished by blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

However, the Gombak MP refused to elaborate on the specific claims in the investigation papers, saying that he does not want to be "dragged" and put on the defensive for a 17-year-old allegation.

"All this has been discussed and I gave my full cooperation to the authorities. Let them decide (to charge me or not). I don't have that amount of money," he said in an interview with Malaysiakini this morning.

He added that he had given the authorities all bank statements and documents needed when he was probed in 1995, as private secretary to then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Turning the tables on his detractors, Azmin said if indeed he was guilty of amassing wealth during his time as private secretary to the DPM, he should have been charged when Anwar was sacked in 1998.

He added that Anwar, too, was never charged for trying to cover up the case, as alleged by a source cited by Raja Petra.
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