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Thursday, May 31, 2012

To ABU or not to ABU?

With so many qualified candidates for PM, why use damaged goods?
KTemoc Konsiders

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has claimed that he is not as wealthy as stated by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, who claimed to hold leakedinvestigation papers 
However, Azmin refused to elaborate on the specific claims in the investigation papers, saying he does not want to be “dragged” into defending a 17-year-old allegation. 

Hmmm, I wonder about two issues, namely, why doesn't Azmin Ali sue the hell out of RPK? Is he indirectly admitting RPK's revelation has been true, and ...

... how one defines 'rich'?

On the 2nd question, if we read another ofMKINI's article Buttmen: We're not Umno stooges, the Head (excuse the pun wakakaka) Buttman, Mohd Ali Baharom who was once a mere Private in the Royal Malay Regiment had admitted to paying RM1 million for a Datukship which he doesn't use now. Would he be considered 'rich'? ...

... which incidentally raises another question, about the value of the Datukship! But let's leave this separate issue out in this post.

Then, the pseudo Crown Prince said, referring to Kalsom Taib's book ‘The Shafee Yahya Story: Estate Boy to ACA Chief’, that the prosecution decided not to press charges. 

MKINI reported that: Kalsom, the wife of ACA chief Shafee Yahya, wrote that Anwar was initially to have been charged with influencing Shafee to close the investigations against Azmin, but the charge was not eventually included. 

Why he was not charged was not explained but Mrs Shafee Yahya did assert that "Anwar was initially to have been charged with influencing Shafee to close the investigations against Azmin ...".

Now, RPK is prepared to return to Malaysia to face charges of violating the OSA (in exposing the ACA/MACC file on Azmin Ali) if the government charges the pseudo Crown Prince with corruption as notated in the ACA file.

For us laypeople, especially Pakatan supporters, it's so easy and pathetic to just argue that whatever RPK's revelation has been about, the vote is still for Anwar and Azmin. Doesn't such an obdurate stand say much about the intelligence and political maturity of the one who has argued so, and the lack of understanding of the ABU concept.

The most worrying outcome of such a mindless moronic Myrmidon-ish mentality is that we should now be prepared for another 52 years of abuses, regardless of which coalition (BN or Pakatan) wins the GE-13.

So, Abu-nites, Quo Vadis (Whither goest thou)?

Surely, as someone under the nick of JK said over at Malaysia-Today:

When I cast my vote for Pakatan, its not because Anwar is the opposition leader.I cast my vote so that there is a change in government and in the process let's hope they elect a good PM.
I'll cast my for Pakatan but I don't want Anwar to be the PM. There are so many potential PM material leaders out there, why must it always be Anwar? 

Okay, let's leave out the Chinese and Indian (not including Indian Muslims though, wakakaka) - sorry Karpal Bai and Uncle Lim.

But what about Pakatan luminaries such as my fave PAS person, Nizar Jamaluddin, who is now targeted by BN and its apparatus?

What about PAS' Mat Sabu, PKR's Khalid Ibrahim, or even Zaid Ibrahim (let's bring him back again into Pakatan)?

Or, what about a compromise candidate like Mohd Ariff Sabri from DAP wakakaka? Who says DAP can only offer Chinese or Indian candidates?

Alas, pity Venerable Tunku Aziz has 'retired'.

With so many qualified candidates for PM, why use damaged goods?

If Pakatan cannot think laterally and mindlessly, moronically, Myrmidon-ishly insist on AI (or God forbid, AA), then fuck ABU (or ABU is fucked).

So, with apologies to Bill Shakespeare, I leave you this:

To ABU, or not to ABU: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,  
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

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