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Thursday, May 31, 2012

BN MP ‘in trouble’ over 1Malaysia laptops

Hulu Selangor MIC leaders and media members allegedly received 1Malaysia laptops meant for students as a peace-offering by their local MP.
HULU SELANGOR: Hulu Selangor parliamentarian, P Kamalanathan has much explaining to do as to over why he distributed 1Malaysia laptops which were meant for students in his constituency, to local MIC leaders and media members.
Alleging abuse, PKR leader K Vasantha Kumar said a parent whose application for the laptop was rejected twice had approached him demanding an explanation.
The parent had told Vasantha Kumar that Kamalanathan had given away laptops to the MIC’s leaders and reporters at a function held last Saturday.
“I was told the laptops were presented to them to kick-off the election machinery in the constituency towards to 13th general election.
“The parent who complained was frustrated. He said he had applied for the laptop for his daughter twice and was rejected.
“They were angry. The laptops are meant for students to help promote ICT and help improve broadband penetration in the country, ” he told FMT.
He accused Kamalanathan of misusing government funds for his personal interest.
“It looks like he is using government funds for his own interest.
“What is the rationale behind giving laptops to MIC leaders when most of them do not know how to operate them?
“There are thousands of pupils who are in real need of these laptops,” said Vasantha Kumar, an ex-ISA detainee.
He urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the matter.
‘He did it’
Kamalanathan when contacted dismissed the allegation.
In an SMS reply to FMT, he said would explain the matter in detail in a few days.
But a local MIC leader here confirmed that Kamalanathan had given away the laptops to MIC branch chairmen and media members.
The anonymous Youth chief said that Kamalanathan was using the laptops to appease local grassroots leaders who were angry with him for ignoring the plight of Indians in Hulu Selangor.
Touted as a 1Malaysia candidate, Kamalanathan was elected through a by-election in 2010.
“After defeating PKR candidate Zaid Ibrahim he was more focused on Malays than other community, especially the Indians.
“Now he is trying to mend ties with the MIC leaders. He is trying to win them over,” said the Youth chief.
Kamalanathan’s sudden need for support apparently stems from the fact that another Youth leader in the party is eyeing the Hulu Selangor seat and wants to contest in the 13th general election.

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