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22 May 2024

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gerakan Youth to boycott party's debate session

The Gerakan Youth wing will not send any representative to a debate session at the party's national representatives conference tomorrow.

The move was to show objection to the party's main body which was previously seen to have sidelined the wing, said its chief Lim Si Pin.

NONEHe said the 'bottleneck issue' faced by the wings currently, made it difficult for its members who were aged over 45, to join the main body's delegates, thus creating gaps between the party's main leader and members.

"I don't blame them, they are warlords, warlords sit among delegates in the main body. Some of them have been there for 30 or 40 years.
"Thus, it is time for them to move on, and let the young people fight for the party to move up," he told reporters after opening the conference today.

Previously, Lim said, the national representatives conference had two Youth wing representatives from each state for the debate session.
Thus, he hoped with such action taken, the main body's delegates would acknowledge the problem and settle it, once and for all.
"This is to say that look, we have to seriously think about the succession problem... if we do not mitigate it, we would have serious gaps between the main leadership and upcoming members, he said.

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