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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Najib hits out at ‘untrusworthy’ Pakatan

PM ends Budget presentation sounding like he was making an election campaign speech.
PETALING JAYA: Towards the tail end of his 2013 Budget speech, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak launched a broadside at the opposition and sought divine help for Barisan Nasional to be in power for decades to come.
“With the permission of the Almighty, and the support of the rakyat, god willing we will witness six more budgets to be tabled by the Barisan Nasional government before transforming Malaysia from middle to a high income and developed country,” said Najib, to loud roars and applause from BN MPs in Dewan Rakyat.
Noting that this was the last budget before the 13th general election, Najib urged the rakyat to “evaluate critically and rationally each and every successful record of the Barisan Nasional”, which he said was the “party with the mandate”.
“We are aware that there are parties requesting to be given a chance to form the next government. In a democratic country, we understand that they too, have their rights. It is the rakyat who ultimately decides who will be given the mandate through the ballot box,” he said.
Najib, who holds both the finance and women’s ministry portfolios, said the time has arrived when every citizen will “soon make a choice in determining their future as well as that of their children”.
“An important question to ask in making that decision is whether life today is better than yesterday, and whether tomorrow gives hope that is full of possibilities and potential. If the answer is yes, please give the mandate to the present government to further improve what we have today, without any hesitation.”
While he did not name Pakatan Rakyat specifically, Najib declared that what differentiated the incumbent government and their competitors is Barisan Nasional’s “courage to accept mistakes”.
“We recognise that the Barisan Nasional government is not without fault, but what differentiates us from others is that they do not have the courage to accept mistakes. On the other hand, they make excuses and to find fault in others,” said Najib.
He said that over the last 55 years, the Barisan Nasional government and the earlier Perikatan government have created a better quality of life for the rakyat. He urged the rakyat to evaluate the opposition based on their merits.
“The rakyat knows them well. Among them, there are those who were trusted as leaders to manage the nation’s wealth. Furthermore in many states they are heading the government.”
“If today they make promises, the rakyat must ask why is this leadership, while in power, did not take any action. When they had the opportunity, and did not implement what they promised, what guarantee is there that they will fulfil promises when they are in power?”
“Wasn’t it during the Asian financial crisis that the country was almost destroyed? And today, in the states that are administered by them, their manifestos contain only promises. Can they be trusted when in power?”
Najib: Judge BN on its merits
Najib said that such behaviour was contrary to the conduct of Barisan Nasional government, which “make promises” and “fulfils them”
“Even before making promises, we are responsible in ensuring that we are capable of fulfilling them. In trying to win, they are willing to do anything but when they win, all their promises will be forgotten.”
Quoting from the Al-Quran, Najib said the Barisan Nasional government was guided by the Islamic principle “fastabiqul khairat”, which is to do good.
“The parties on the other side are guided by the “fastabiqul fasad” that is they will not hesitate to do bad,” he said.
He also quoted from Greek philosopher Plato, saying: The measure of a man is what he does with power…(but) there are parties who are willing to sacrifice everything simply for the sake of power.”
Najib said that “other parties” hungry for power are sowing seeds of conflict and hate while the Barisan Nasional government fosters racial unity which is the basis for national stability.
“This government has been accused of several wrongdoings according to their own whims and fancies. I urge Malaysians to judge the Barisan Nasional government on its merits. Please join my colleagues and I to fulfil our potential towards developing a country that we can be truly proud of.
“A country where the weak are protected, those in need get help, the strong protect, the young loved, the elderly are valued, those in need assisted, and those with potentials given opportunities.
“Truly, we want Malaysia to be well known internationally, prosperous and peaceful. With His blessings, and the support of the rakyat we will make it a reality. To You, Allah we submit,” he said as he ended his two-hour-plus speech.

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