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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why no exam question on butt dance?

WargaAMAN says if a school is to ask negative questions about Bersih in examinations, they should also ask questions on butt dancers and burger sellers.
PETALING JAYA: Warga Aman Malaysia secretary-general S Barathidasan has criticised the government for trying to paint Bersih in a bad light by featuring a Bersih rally photograph in a school examination.
He was referring to a picture which went viral on Facebook that showed a Bersih commotion photograph being featured in a SPM trial examination of SMK Aminuddin Baki, Johor Bahru, supposedly for the Moral Studies subject.
Students were asked questions such as whether an individual should take part in illegal rallies, what the moral values are, and what adverse impact it will bring to the country.
Calling these questions “irrelevant” and “baseless”, Barathidasan asked why the authorities do not apply the same logic to other incidents.
“If the school was sincere in upholding moral values, why weren’t there questions like ‘should people perform butt dance outside other people’s houses’, ‘should traders set up burger stalls in front of people’s houses?” he said, referring to the incidents that took place outside Bersih co- chairperson S Ambiga’s residence.
He said it was a “dirty tactic” to pollute young’s minds so that they will perceive the rally negatively.
“This was despite the KL High Court ruling that Bersih is a legal entity. The school should have been informed about this and explain it correctly to the students,” he added.
Barathidasan urged the school to explain their move in a show-cause letter to the Johor State Education Department and called on politicians to leave schools out of politics.

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