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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Supporting brands through TikTok Shop Mall


TikTok Shop Mall is an exclusive, by-invite-only channel for brands’ flagship stores and authorised retail outlets that guarantee 100% authentic products.

Online shoppers will now have access to a more exclusive selection of Malaysian brands, including those by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as international labels, through TikTok Shop.

Access to this curated choice of products is through its newly launched TikTok Shop Mall.

Brands and their flagship stores get a place on the TikTok Shop Mall by invitation only.

Through the TikTok Shop Mall, the e-commerce giant aims to enhance Malaysian shoppers’ positive experience by providing them with access to a selection of 600 local and international brands and enhance their support for local SMEs at the same time.

TikTok Shop Mall aims to increase customer shopping experience and further support local SMEs on its platform.

Going forward, new brands — local as well as international — will be invited to join the TikTok Shop Mall to expand the choices for consumers.

TikTok Shop Mall has given a guarantee that products displayed on its page are authentic and original. It also promises reliable customer service for shoppers as well as exclusive benefits for them.

TikTok Shop is committed to promoting the growth of all SMEs and their brands on its platform, TikTok Shop Malaysia partnership lead Nur Azre Abdul Aziz said.

“We have now taken it a step further with the launch of TikTok Shop Mall here in Malaysia,” she told FMT Business.

Nur Azre said TikTok Shop Mall has benefits for both sellers and buyers.

Shoppers can enjoy a 15-day return or refund policy, free shipping and Xtra Shipping Vouchers through TikTok Shop Mall.

“Sellers now have an added stamp of authenticity on their products, while buyers can easily identify their favourite brands,” she said.

This, she added, ensures that buyers can shop with greater convenience and peace of mind, knowing that they can get the best value from their purchases.

There are other benefits awaiting shoppers on TikTok Shop Mall. Buyers may return items they have bought within 15 days of purchase and get a refund without hassle.

Items purchased will also be shipped to the buyer free of charge.

Sellers will also be given “Xtra Shipping Vouchers” that they can give away to customers for purchases made. These can be used by the customer to defray the cost of shipping on their next purchase.

Shoppers can browse a wide range of product types from various Malaysian brands.

Sellers on TikTok Shop Mall will carry a “Distinguished Mall” label on their pages to enable buyers to easily identify them.

This gives them enhanced brand visibility and ensures that the shopper is given dedicated customer service.

TikTok Shop Mall also empowers sellers through exclusive brand campaigns including special slots, resources during double-digit campaigns, added visibility in the Shop Tab and traffic exposure support.

Shoppers can browse TikTok Shop Mall for products such as athleisurewear (athletic and leisure wear), cookware, car accessories, jewellery and grocery from homegrown brands such as ElginiDessiniSwissThomas by T70mai Malaysia StoreHabib Jewels and Mydin. International brands such as MaybellinePandoraSkechers and JBL are also on the platform.

Nur Azre said the objective is to create more avenues for entrepreneurs to sell more on TikTok Shop.

“Whether is it an online arm of an existing brick-and-mortar store or solely a revenue stream for an SME, TikTok Shop will constantly equip and empower these brands on their shoppertainment (shopping and entertainment) journey,” she said.

“The opportunities to be seen and heard are limitless, and we hope that TikTok Shop Mall will be the next step in their growth,” she added.  - FMT

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