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Monday, January 31, 2011

Police report against Saravanan and ‘his boys’

Deputy Minister M Saravanan has been accused of allegedly sending 'his boys' to counter resistance against him.

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Federal Territories and Urban Development Minister M Saravanan has been accused of allegedly sending ‘his boys’ to settle a score with a DAP branch chairman who had participated in a hunger strike in Brickfields protesting the government decision on the Interlok issue.

A Saminathan, who is Bukit Beruntang DAP branch chairman, lodged a police report yesterday against Saravanan and three others alleging that he was beaten-up by the latter’s ‘boys’ and slashed with a razor.

Recounting the incident to FMT after lodging the report, Saminathan said the attack occured as he was getting out of a toilet in an Indian restaurant in Brickfields.

“I was in the toilet, when someone knocked on the door. As I came out, three Indian men confronted me, one of them held my neck and hit me. He slashed my head and hands with a razor.

“They warned me not to intervene in any issues involving Saravanan,” Saminathan said.

Saminathan’s friend, MS Arjunan had also previously lodged police reports over several ‘Saravanan-linked’ activities.

Saminathan claimed Saravanan, who is the Tapah MP, was somewhere in Brickfields when the incident happened.

“When we confronted Saravanan, he denied knowledge of incident… but the three men who beat me up were there standing behind Saravanan.

“I hope the police will take the report seriously and act against those who beat me up.

“If it is true that Saravanan engaged them to attack me, then he should resign from all his positions,” Saminathan said.

Meanwhile earlier in the day, about 100 Indian youths took part in a hunger strike in Brickfields to protest the government’s move to go ahead with the use of controversial novel, Interlok, in schools.

Saravanan had attended the hunger strike and received, on behalf of the government, a memorandom urging the authorties to ban the book. - FMT

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