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Friday, January 28, 2011

they come to Tenang bearing "gifts"

Ahhhh.......again 'tis the season for politicians and their "machais" to suddenly take a very serious and personal interest in your affairs as they appear at your doorstep or in the street with promises of what you and your family would reap and benefit if you would only cast your vote for them in return, come Sunday in Tenang, yes ?

Yes, we've heard them all before many many times, have we not folks ? Then they disappear for a long long time getting fatter and arrogant till it's time to come back again with fake smiles and limp handshakes and be like that long lost buddy you've not seen for a long long time, right my friend ? Hehehehe !

We've all heard our dear PM Najib making one such"promising deal" speech in Sibu below......so are the people of Tenang getting any goodies this time round ?

What about this promise (below) to the people of Tenang then......got deal meh ?....... Opps....forgot that the Chinese and Indians are only "irrelevant customers" here in this fair country of ours ! Their votes are not important to BN and UMNO in particular, to win cos they have the "buying" power in every buy.....errhh by-election, yes ?

So vote wisely this Sunday, dear "customers" of Tenang.....and not be cheaply short-charged again and again......unless you are an incurable masochist. In the meantime.....take whatever goodies offered to you by these false "prophets of doom", BUT vote with your head and heart and not waste your vote out of fear of change and the"indebtedness" of being bought !

Change is good.....but do it without fear and being "irrelevant" as Malaysians ! Go Tenangites... go for change NOW !

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