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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arman quits as Perkasa youth chief

Despite being an Umno member, he offers himself to any political party that would champion Malay interests.

KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa Youth Chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah has resigned from his post with immediate effect.

Speaking to reporters in a restaurant here, he announced an intention to join any political party that would accept him and would “uphold and fight for the rights of the Malays”.

He said he remained a life member of Perkasa.

He admitted to being an Umno member, but said had no problem about joining another political party.

He said he could fight for the realisation of his ideals only through a political party, but added that he had no plans to seek public office.

Arman seemed unhappy about Umno’s reluctance to follow through with Perkasa’s recommendations.

“Our voice is heard, but implementation (is lacking),” he said.

He denied that he was quitting over differences with Perkasa boss Ibrahim Ali or with any other leader of the organisation.

“He is like my father, and has always been my mentor,” he said of Ibrahim. “I respect him because he takes care of me like a son.”

He said he had thought about quitting for some months.

He said his deputy, Irwan Fahmi, was capable of leading Perkasa’ youth wing.

Leadership reshuffle

Earlier today, Ibrahim told FMT Perkasa was reshuffling its leadership at both central and state levels.

He said the exercise would be carried out at a supreme council meeting “later this month” and was aimed at strengthening the right-wing Malays group’s organisational structure.

“Perkasa will always remain an NGO, which means many sacrifices will be required of its leaders in terms of time and money,” he said. “This voluntary service will also be beset with many challenges and obstacles.”

He called on members willing to commit to the “struggle of the Malay-Muslims” to volunteer to be part of Perkasa’s leadership.

“At this point there are leaders who are holding both central and state posts,” Ibrahim he said. “Some are unable to cope with this dual role while others have their personal priorities.”

The latter remark could be linked to Arman’s decision to resign because of internal conflicts.- FMT

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