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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Najib - paranoid, perplexed and paralysed with fear?

Najib - paranoid, perplexed and paralysed with fear?

There is a famous Greek saying which goes like this: those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

No one can rightly estimate when or who is going mad but the average man can see the country or the political landscape is in the nut house.

"Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is certainly an embattled man, what with his economic programmes not yielding tangible results and foreign investors shying away," commented Dzulkefly Ahmad , PAS Kuala Selangor MP to Malaysia Chronicle.

Likening Najib to a dangerous wounded tiger, Dzulkefly views the survey polls indicating Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will do well in the Sarawak state elections as the catalyst. To him, the latest salvo of the video scandal against Anwar Ibrahim indicates BN is terribly afraid of losing its grip on Sarawak.

The video purportedly shows PR leader Anwar having sex with a prostitute, the back fence talk of the county, reportedly bears the hallmarks of being the work of Umno goons. Najib must have thought he delivered the coup de grace to Anwar's political career besides wrecking PR's hopes of capturing Putrajaya.

Hold your horses for a minute here, the political drama has only just begun. Anwar vowed to fight hard against this latest ploy, to derail his and PR's efforts to prevent BN from regaining the two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Cutting off the driftwood

Angkatan Muda Keadilan Youth Chief of PKR, Shamsul Iskandar likened this video scandal as an attempt to tarnish PR's image, ahead of the Sarawak state polls. The timing coincides with the dissolution of the Sarawak State Assembly by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud on Monday 21st March 2011.

There was talk Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin tried to pressure Taib to step down earlier. Taib being the wily old fox that he is said to be, gave a vague stepping-down date. Realising Taib is a liability and BN might lose a large chunk of votes in Sarawak, this video scandal could be BN's latest tactic, to topple Anwar Ibrahim and PR. If it succeeds it could be a new line up in the BN Sarawak state control.

Moreover, the 3 men in the video controversy are unsavoury characters of ill-repute and low-moral standing. Therefore, their credibility is very much in doubt, perhaps a line to get the heat off the BN.

Shamsul remarked Najib has Pakatan-phobia and paralysed by fear of doing badly in the Sarawak polls. He has to hold the 13th General Election before July this year as world economic reports said, the global economic climate will be in for a tailspin after June.

Political analysts commented Najib needs to do well in the Sarawak elections so that he can use that as a barometer to campaign in the 13th General Election. By promoting the Sarawak results showing Sarawakians chose BN with a large majority, peninsula Malaysians would be urged to follow suit. If the Sarawakians turn against him, he is in for big trouble, noted the analysts.

"Najib is madly desperate now. This latest attack on Anwar is not the end. We in PKR are not discounting the fact more videos may surface in the near future, especially before the 13th General Election as BN is mounting a concerted effort to destroy Anwar and PR," continued Shamsul.

Political shenanigans

Certainly the saying 'Heavy is the head that wears the crown' is true in regard to PM Najib.

Meanwhile the business community is disappointed Malaysia continues to be rocked by political scandals as this can cause investor confidence, to plummet in light of too much political shenanigans going round.

"Najib is a man living in terror of Pakatan Rakyat. He is overcome by paranoia, perplexed and paralysed by fear of losing, big time in the 13th General Election," added Shamsul.

Is the Greek saying coming true and is Najib being made mad by the gods? If so he will certainly take many down including those in the Opposition.

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