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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BN - Without Doubt, They Are Goofballs!

Someone went through a lot of trouble to make that video.

Apparently, this sex video was meant to be among BN's potential weapons for the 13th General Elections.

But what made them dust it off in a hurry and use it now: the Sarawak state elections. You and I know that Sarawak is going to be the Kingmaker in the coming General Elections.

BN’s internal polling revealed that BN could potentially lose far too many seats in the state elections due to anger towards Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak who has indiscreetly hoarded wealth for himself without any regard for the State.

In fact, BN’s internal polling shows that Taib’s party PBB itself is projected to lose about 50% of its seats and SUPP to lose all its seats.

Yet, their projection is that BN will still win, but with a much reduced majority. They figured they would not gain the 2/3 majority and even just win by around 55-60% majority (as predicted by Raja Petra in his video).

BN needs to win Sarawak big time in order to keep as many Parliament seats in 13th GE.

So Najib and Muhyiddin both went to see Taib in Sarawak about 2 weeks ago. Never have the PM and deputy PM ever gone to visit a state together. This suggests they must have been concerned. Very concerned.

They went to pressure Taib to resign and appoint a caretaker CM before state elections in the faint hope that with Taib leaving, the Sarawakians would forget, cool down - be less angry and vindictive when voting.

Perhaps BN hoped it would still win handsomely.

The story is that Taib assured them that he would consider it seriously, but Taib threw a shocker.

He sent off Najib and Muhyiddin at the airport but as soon as the plane took off, Taib called for a press conference in the airport itself.

He announced that he was going to dissolve the state assembly in the next week, and would remain as CM and retire only after the elections - after a transition period to enable the new CM to get up to speed.

Najib and Muhyiddin got the shocking news after they landed in KLIA. Taib had just showed them the finger. Awesome or what??!! :-)

Since the state assembly dissolution was already announced, nothing could be done. What was even more intimidating is that Pakatan Rakyat was getting stronger by the day in Sarawak. Something needed to be done.

So, they resurrected Anwar’s purported sex tape to destroy PKR’s credibility, hoping that people will be wary of the Opposition.

But they didn't let the experts plan the moves. They were in a hurry and made some crucial mistakes.

Talk about dumb-asses trying to frame people without goofing up:

- The room that was used to screen the tape to reporters at Carcosa was booked by of all people, Risda - a federal govt agency!!

- Risda’s chairman is Rahim Thamby Chik, the guy who raped an underaged girl once (but escaped scot-free). He is strongly linked to UMNO.

- The room in Carcosa was actually booked by the Timbalan Ketua Umno Bhg Bukit Gantang, who just happens to be the special officer to Rahim Thamby Chik.

The dude paid for it by credit card and worst of all... are you ready for this...?

He asked for a goddamn corporate discount by using his Risda corporate account!!

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