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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After the celebrations, will Malaysia get a new Tun Najib and Toh Puan Rosmah

After the celebrations, will M'sia get a new Tun Najib and Toh Puan Rosmah

So the academics have come out to offer their views on the issue of Malay disunity.

In consensus with the Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria, who blamed it on Prime Minister Najib Razak's weak and corrupt government, Professor Madya Mohammad Agus Yussoff has said that the deterioration was also caused by government inaction to listen and to accept the varied views of the people

“I fully agree with the views of Harussani, but I would like to add that another cause of Malay disunity is the government’s refusal to open their ears and listen to the Rakyat’s differences. If the government is serious about Malay Unity, the government must listen and accept the views as to why the Malays are split but the problem is that the government refuses to listen. The Malay split is also because of discrimination and injustice to the Malays themselves as what happened in Kelantan and that’s why there is a split.”

Another USM lecturer Profesor Madya Dr Sivamurugan Pandian also put the screws on Najib, saying he should acknowledge Harussani’s statement and if he believed it was true or not. “A statement by Najib, will clear up any speculation by others since it came from Harussani."

For both academics to come out, right after Harussani, and comment on the issue of Malay unity has surprised many. There is also no doubt that it will also cause uneasiness in the government circles as Harussani insinuated that Najib is not the man his father - the second PM - was. The fact that the Mufti accused the Najib administration as weak, corrupt and lacking in the 'trust' quality is also glaring.

Is Malay unity UMNO's only excuse for raising an issue?

Calling on the top man, the CEO of the country to make a stand is rather serious. Already dogged with various issues in his administration, an embarrassed Najib would have his hands-full explaining this latest controversy.

One can be sure there are many pertinent questions that ordinary Malays would shoot out and expect the PM to provide good answers to. Some of these include; how exactly are the Malays disunited and to what extent? Are they politically or religiously divided? Since PAS members differ in their views politically and religiously, how can unity be possible? And how would Malay unity or is it Malay 'monopoly' by a single political party benefit the community and the future of this nation?

Be that as it may, most people seem to think that Malay unity is a non-issue, including the Malays themselves. Only UMNO brings it up when it suits them. So when Harussani and the two academics, who owe their appointments to government favour, say such 'controversial things', most Malaysians believed they were being used to 'vocalize' things on behalf of politicians less than friendly to Najib.

Internal Irene about to strike UMNO

Indeed, talk is red-hot of an internal storm brewing in UMNO. But lest, Malaysians and Malays feel alarmed, the odds are high it will be like Irene, the huge hurricane that left much less destructuon in New York than anticipated.

"I think Najib is entering the Pak Lah phase. Things are recurring, like it was during the Pak Lah era. Najib had an extended honeymoon period, especially among the Malay voters, but all that is now waning off," said DAP MP for Bukit Bendera Liew Chin Tong.

Despite the fierce support from his wife Rosmah Mansor, it is more than likely that Najib will give way even more easily than Abdullah Badawi. Soon, another Tun and Toh Puan will join the Malaysian scene.This is a given.

And if the scandal sheets are right, their retirement home may be well that super-plush condo in New York - just minutes away from the renowed jeweller Jacob & Co, alleged to Rosmah's favourite shopping haunt. So, why fight? Would you?

It is Malaysian unity that counts

Meanwhile, while most Malays feel OK about their own unity, there seems to be no problem either with Chinese or Indian unity. However, it is different when the three major races are considered together.

There are real and serious issues concerning Malaysian unity, due largely to the separatist policies deliberately implemented by the BN government over the past 5 decades. These are not easy to address but no one seems to care.

For example, Najib or whoever is the UMNO PM of the day, their main concern is to stay on top of things in their own party. Sad to say, UMNO has very little feeling for the non-Malays. They view their name United Malays Nationalist Organisation as meaning that it can only do battle for the Malays.

And so set are they in their ways that for now, it is a waste of time trying to dissuade the UMNO elite. Only Time can teach them the lessons they need to be taught. And this is why Malaysian unity - much talked about - hardly gets attended to.

A lesson for their successors

Tomorrow is Independence Day. Malaysians should celebrate and reflect on the essence behind it. As for the first couple, perhaps the most memorable events for them the past three years were the numerous overseas trips, the glamour, the poshness of first class travel and red-carpet treatment. Of course, all on public money!

But both of them, being fairly young and well educated, could have made a difference if only they had bent their minds to the job at hand - which was and still is Malaysian unity. This is what they should have focused on rather than play fire with Malay unity and Malaysian disunity.

Hopefully, their successors will realise that it is Malaysian togetherness that matters. This - even more than the economy - is the tool that can lift them above the hit-and-run, torch-and-burn political thuggery of racist and opportunistic leaders such as Mahathir Mohamad and others like him within the embattled UMNO.

In the meantime, Selamat Hari Raya to all and if we may borrow from the Tunku ... Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

- Malaysia Chronicle

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