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Monday, August 29, 2011

‘Liberty means liberalisation’

Sabahans give their views on what liberty means to them.


PETALING JAYA: Sabah, which is battling many frontiers in its bid to regain its “independence” from federal rule, was asked the question: “What does liberty mean to you…?”

In the following weeks, we will share with you more views of Sabahans on the word “liberty”.

Free from alien control

Self-employed activist Maslan Maginda, 36, from Matunggong, Kudat,

Liberty means independence from alien control. It gives the people freedom to enjoy good life, and good relationship regardles of colour and religion.

It allows us to enjoy resources from their own land.

I don’t think Sabahans have enjoyed any liberty since from 1974, when Sabah’s rights to its oil started to erode and freedom of religion no longer respected by the federal leaders.

In short, there is no liberty. We Sabahans have been shortchanged.

Right of revenue

Politician Guandee Kohoi, 58, from Kuala Penyu,

We Sabahans should determine the fate of the people of Sabah. The federal government should not interfere in local issues.

Our present leaders must stick to the original agreements when we formed the Malaysia Federation in 1963.

By right, revenue from Sabah must stay in the state to be used for development, education, welfare of our peole and so on.

Political parties from the Peninsula should not come here. Let local parties and Sabahans decide whom they want from among themselves.

Maybe Sabah should have its own Election Commission and not the one under the federal government.

To me, liberty means liberalisation where we have access to our own radio and television stations, and so forth.

Having our own house

Contractor Donald Midow, 52, from Kota Belud,

In order for Sabahans to have liberty, the federal and state governments have to respect and adhere to what is contained in the 20-point agreement.

These were the conditions for our agreement to come together as a new federation in 1963.

We should have our own house. Now it is like a family living under one roof and being confined. They are being dictated and ruled from within it.

This is what Sabah is experiencing and it is so stressful. Where is liberty when you are stressed?

This is part of a continuing series in FMT in celebration of Merdeka and Malaysia Day. You too can take part in sharing your views by visiting our Facebook or emailing to editor@freemalaysiatoday.com

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