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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, August 29, 2011

Indonesian envoy: Malaysia has lost its lustre

Indonesian envoy: Malaysia has lost its lustre

PETALING JAYA - Malaysia can no longer depend on Indonesia as a never-ending source for maids.

Indonesian Embassy minister counsellor for information, social and cultural affairs Suryana Sastradiredja said Malaysia no longer seemed an attractive place to work for its women.

He said this was due to increasing opportunities in their own country and a "bad impression" about Malaysian employers.

"The economy in Indonesia is improving and has opened up many job opportunities. Many Indonesian households are hiring maids as well," he said yesterday.

He added that those working as maids preferred to work close to home although their salary was slightly lower about RM200 (S$80) less than what they would get here.

Suryana said the number of legal workers in Malaysia had dropped by 50% to fewer than 500,000 people since last year.

"Another major reason is the negative impression many Indonesians have of employers in Malaysia," he said.

The embassy spokesman said although only a minority of Malaysian employers mistreated their maids, this had created a negative image among its workers.

"Malaysians must realise that times have changed. Those who have worked here do communicate to the others back home about their experience in the country," he said.

- The Star Singapore

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