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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is the government really going to reprimand both the RTM1 and TV3 stations?

First we saw a report from RTM1 saying that some Pakatan Rakyat leaders were behind some efforts to get many Muslim to turn "murtad" against their religion. Then, there is TV3 who faked another report saying that there is some attempt to make some people "murtad" and even publish a picture of an alleged location which didn't even exist in the first place.

What are the intentions of these RTM1 and TV3? From our observation since 2008, we notice that news readers from these two stations seems like hating the opposition Pakatan Rakyat so much when they are reading their news reports in front of the screen.

When reporting about the condemnation or criticisms on the opposition party leaders, these news reader like to raise their tones and sometimes added funny and sarcastic words to show their dislike on them. Their faces and body language indeed demonstrated them clearly. It seems like the entire community in the RTM and TV3 hated those who oppose Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno.

Their motives are clear, to instill hate and confusion on our people and the entire nation.

Despite so many complaints and reports lodged against these two TV stations for their fake and fabricated reports, we have yet to see any action taken against any of their editors, writers or news readers or whoever are responsible for such an irresponsible publicized report.

We remember, when there is a news published in a Chinese press which is deemed critical to the BN estalishment, the home ministry was quick to summon the editor-in-chief to the ministry for explanation and to get a reprimand from the ministry's enforcement officials.

Then on the next day, the directors of that newspaper decided to suspend the editor-in-chief for two weeks awaiting domestic inquiry onto some reports that he alleged to had approved for publication.

In another case, an editor of a Chinese language radio station was summon to the home ministry for deliberately asking questions which are deemed critical to the BN government. Later on, he was asked to resign from his company.

But whatever RTM, TV3 or Utusan Malaysia were doing, even if they had went against the law or simply their own code of ethics in journalism, we don't see any action taken against them at all until today, despite demand from the general public to do so.

There is no need to ask why, why, or why is it so unfair or whatsoever it is. We all knew it in the first place, these traditional mainstream medias has been the main and direct broadcasting tools of Umno and BN all this while.

Whenever Umno or BN ticks, they are to move as they command. Even if they are wrong and against the journalistic professional code and conduct. Even if it is going against the principle of being a good journalist, it has to be carried out. An Umno or BN order is an order they have to obey it no matter what it takes.

And so, all these journalists working for RTM and TV3 or even Utusan will have to take and swallow it bitterly, unless they are some who love to do it because of their loyalty to the ruling elites in Putrajaya.

So the question of whether the government, particularly the home ministry is going to call them up or reprimand them or otherwise does not happen at all, as authorities will not do it anyway.

The government is still BN and the BN is still under Umno. Umno reigns supreme over the others. You like it or not, that's an order, this is what the information minister had stressed previously.

So, "kalau nak cari makan, kena ikut arahan buta-buta laa", according to one RTM reporter when asked about this.

What we are suggesting is, "Change the Government first!" Only then the entire machinery will be overhauled and clean up. In this case, go get and convince our voters first before it's too late.

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