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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Man beaten and robbed as bystanders watch

A disturbing case of public apathy is caught on CCTV and uploaded to YouTube.
PETALING JAYA:  A CCTV recording of bystanders nonchalantly watching a robbery in progress has caused outrage among thousands of YouTube viewers.
The seven-minute video, titled “Oh! CCTV Rompakan di Stesen Minyak RnR Butterworth-Kulim Expressway”, was uploaded last Monday by a Penang-based NGO called Komuniti Suara Kehidupan (Kosuke) and features a running commentary presented as subtitles.
The scene is a petrol station at a rest-and-recreation area on an expressway. The time is about 20 minutes past midnight on Aug 10. A motorcyclist and his pillion rider are shown accosting another motorcyclist and trying to wrest his machine from him. The victim resists and is beaten up.
During the four-minute struggle, one of the robbers whips out a weapon, according to the commentary, although this is not clear in the video. The victim slumps down on the floor as one of the robbers rides away on the stolen motorcycle.
While all this is happening, there are several people standing around just watching and others hiding inside the convenience store at the station.
One person walks by and pauses briefly fewer than two metres away from where the scuffle is happening before proceeding in his leisurely walk.  Another person leans against a wall and crosses his arms as he watches the robbery.
The video has had more than 50,000 views.  Most viewers condemn the inaction of the witnesses.

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