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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, August 31, 2012

Purge the ‘enemy within’

Leaders who betray the trust of the people and the country are the 'enemies' that the opposition wants purged.
KUCHING: Sarawak PKR has sent out a plea urging Malaysians to purge “the enemy within”.
It claimed that “rampant corruption, cover-ups, betrayals” and power abuse were enough reasons for right-thinking citizens to review their loyalties to the current government.
Said state PKR chief Baru Bian: “To my mind, our enemies are those from within this country who betray the trust given to them to govern the country.
“Our enemies are the people who enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary people and then refuse to acknowledge their wrongdoings when caught out.
“Our enemies are the leaders who betray the country by giving identity cards and citizenship to illegal immigrants in exchange for votes.
“Our enemies are those people within the circle who are aware of the abuse of authority, rampant corruption and cover-ups but choose to remain silent for lack of moral fortitude or perhaps because of their ‘tidak apa’ attitude.”
Bian also sent out a personal appeal to Sarawakians to remember the true situation in the state.
“After so many years, 40% of the rural population is without clean treated water and 33% without electricity.
“Our native people, who could be highly educated and prosperous, instead struggle to make ends meet, and our landscape scarred by indiscriminate massive logging and irresponsible dam projects,” he said.
Commenting on Taib’s recent Hari Raya-cum Merdeka message, Bian said that he agreed with the chief minister’s statement that the purest Islamic teachings preached “justice and harmonious co-existence with followers of other religions”.
“I agree with his statement. Indeed, all religions require these tenets to be followed so that the community may thrive and prosper in harmony.
“If only these teachings were observed and adhered to by all those in whose hands we placed our trust to govern our fair land…
“Then we would not have to bear the stigma of being one of the poorest ‘states’ in Malaysia and our people would not be displaced from their lands and beaten and jailed for defending their rights, ” he said.

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