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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tunku's great foresight in SACKING Dr M: A Devil Recommender in Umno!

Tunku's great foresight in SACKING Dr M: A Devil Recommender in Umno!
IT’S UNBELIVABLE what this man, named Mahathir Mohamed, can say to realise his agenda for power and influence.
And this is the same man who ruled Malaysia for 22 years before Malaysians really get to see the devil in him.
I had never thought that one day, that is today, that I am driven to denounce this man as really a Satan worshipper, one who has no fear for God.
Only a Satan follower or believer will say: “Referring to his ruling coalition BN-Umno as the Devil we know, than the angel (the Opposition) we don’t know”.
If one fears God, the angel that we don’t know is still a better choice than the Devil (Satan).
Mahathir is clearly a fake believer of God as he has no fear for God. He has been double-talking and confusing Malaysians since venturing into politics and ousting our first and most respected prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Tunku was RIGHT
It cannot be any clearer that the Tunku had great foresight in seeing through Mahathir’s devious and selfish political intentions. Unfortunately, the majority of Malaysians, especially the Malays, saw Mahathir then as the angel.
Dare any Malay today dare declare that the Tunku, for that matter a Malay prince, is not a Malay?
Malaysians have to give credit to Mahathir for his excellent manipulative political skills for being able to rule Malaysia for 22 years with the support of Malays. Notice I did not use the term bumiputra because the so called bumiputra race was used by Mahathir to confuse the real Malays, those who existed in the Malay peninsula long before the arrival of the Indian Muslims or born-again Indian Muslims.
Is he even a Malay?
Yes! I refuse to acknowledge Mahathir as a Malay because he is not – whatever is stated in the Constitution is just man-made, and in this case Mahathir used it to the hilt for his political agenda. He is just a bad Muslim or a disguised believer of the Satan.
The thousands of adverse comments flooding cyberspace against Mahathir is testimony to how politically outdated this man has become, solely due to his delusion that the majority of Malays and Malaysians still see him as the only leader for them.
I do hope and pray that the majority of Malaysians today really see the devil in Mahathir.
Tainting Islam and questioning other religions to cling to power
This also means seeing the devil in Umno-Perkasa-Utusan Malaysia-Jati, who had and continued to taint Islam as a religion for peace and love.
They are spewing all forms of religious and racial slurs aimed at dividing all Malaysians with the sole intention of rallying the Malays for the Umno devil.
In the process, the Umno devil cares not for peace, love and unity of all Malaysians but has also justified violence and bloodshed for Malay supremacy.
Come next general election, which must be called latest June next year, true Malaysians who treasure unity and prosperity for Malaysia must know what to do with their ballots.
The Malaysian political scene and choice cannot get any clearer than today.
You decide whether there is light at the end of the tunnel for future generations of Malaysia.
[Addendum: Dr Mahathir was sacked from the UMNO Supreme Council following his widespread distribution to the public of his letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Prime Minister at that time, about his handling of the race riots of 13 May 1969. In his letter, he had criticised the manner in which Tunku Abdul Rahman had handled the country’s administration which Mahathir alleged favored the ethnic Chinese. Mahathir was subsequently relieved of his party membership on 26 September 1969. Mahathir joined UMNO at its inception in 1946.]

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