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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are you a Freemason, Ibrahim Ali asks Anwar

Malay rights NGO Perkasa wants PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to clarify if he is indeed the man listed as a Freemason office-bearer.

NONEAccording to Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali(left), a fax sent to him about a week ago indicates that a man with the same name is a member of the one-time secret fraternity.

"The Freemasons are associated with the Zionists. I'm not accusing Anwar of this... but am merely seeking an explanation from him.

"If this is another Anwar Ibrahim, then, Alhamdulillah (thank God)," he said.
Nevertheless, the Pasir Mas MP said that a Freemason membership would be consistent with the PKR leader’s recent statements on Israel and the LGBT community.
“Anwar is a man of many faces... And despite the many charges against him, he just pretends like nothing’s the matter and refuses to respond. 

“In Malay tradition, if someone is accused of something and evidence is shown, and he does not respond, then he is assumed to be guilty,” he said. 

The fax, copies of which were distributed to media, cites a website naming one ‘Anwar Ibrahim’ as a junior deacon in 2004 to 2005 of the Civil Lodge number 48, which Ibrahim said is in Vancouver, Canada. 

“I understand Anwar always goes to Vancouver and Los Angeles when he goes to North America,” he claimed. 

‘Anwar Ibrahim’ is named as the director of ceremonies for the same lodge from 2009 to 2010, but the website listed on the fax is not accessible. 

However, Malaysiakini's search found that ‘Anwar Ibrahim’ is listed on another website as the worshipful master of the same lodge for 2012 to 2013.
According to the Ottawa Masonic Portal, Civil Lodge number 48 is located in Ottawa, and not in Vancouver.
“The Freemasons are a circle of influential people (who are) anti-religion, and dangerous to Islam.

“Their members succeed in their respective fields because they help each other out, but of course they have their objectives,” Ibrahim said. 

He added that he knows of several “prominent Malaysians” who are Freemason members, but declined to name them as it is “a personal matter” and he had no evidence to back his claim.
A pot-bellied Arab man?
Malaysiakini has contacted Anwar for comment and is awaiting a reply.

Najwan Halimi, a political aide to Anwar, said that the matter was first brought up by pro-Umno bloggers in 2008 and that it is a case of mistaken identity.

"The Anwar Ibrahim listed is a pot-bellied Arab man," he said.
According to the BBC, the Freemasons which was founded in the 17th century boasts millions of members in many countries, and is focused on male-bonding and charity work. 

Once shrouded in mystery, the Freemasons are now said to be attempting to become more open and transparent, following centuries of conspiracy theories. 


  1. Freemasonry is a club with principles of Brotherly Love, Truth and Relief. Any one of any religion can join. As long as you believe in God.(Prime requisite).
    No Zionism.
    The Pasir Mas MP is poorly informed and delusional to think we are anything else.

    1. After reading so many negative comments and foul languages used in describing Freemasonry, I can only say one word, "Ignorance". Why Ignorance? Well, to begin with, all authors have one thing in common, they never try to reach a Freemason, to communicate and understand what Freemasonry is all about and its background. Most people just stops here and refuse to hear or read further because of preconceived personal sentiments towards Freemasonry and has a (unfounded) cause to be popular or just to follow others to condemn something that they do not understand.

      What if one day someone started an "exposé" book about Islam, Christianity or Hinduism etc and drew up all sorts of stories and blatant misguided truth about the rituals during prayers, its traditions and practices and call it Devil worshipping? Or even as simple as calling Boy Scouts devil worshippers? That is exactly what is happening to Freemasonry. Just because someone wrote a book 100 years ago claiming Freemasonry to be Zionists and devil worshippers, to which he apologises as he was just trying to make a quick buck from the book just like Dan Brown's fictional books "Da Vinci Code", "Angels & Demons" and "The Lost Symbol". He made it clear that it was just a fiction and people understand that it was fiction. But to people who are not in the know and don't read and especially those who watched the movie and feel agitated by it because they thought it was "real", these are the people Freemasonry faces every day.

      The general populace takes what is fed to them at face value and do not bother to even question or find out who they are and what it is all about. Freemasonry is not a religion and do not carry with itself any religious dogma or indoctrination whatsoever. It is universal for anyone who wants to make themselves a better person. In Freemasonry's constitution, it is first requisite that you must believe in a "supreme being" of their religion for example The God of Abraham to the Jews, Christians and Muslims, and to whomever other religions believe as supreme being in their religion. Freemasons swear an oath to not discuss religion and politics in their meetings and even encouraged to further seek and understand their own religion so that it will make them a better man to their family and society.

      We give freely to charity and do not seek popularity because in freemasonry, we believe that charity comes from the heart. We do not need the status as we try to be as humble a person as we can. We also always try to convey the truth as only by being truthful we may continue to correct our mistakes and make society a more peaceful and loving society.

      So please, meet up a Freemason today and listen to what they have to say. They will be more than happy to explain to you for you are an intelligent person to be able to judge for yourself when the Freemasons are. Not from what people say, as they say "Rumours spreads like wild fires and is hard to contain when it becomes big enough". The right will become wrong.In the end, all will become slanderous (Fitnah) which is not what religion tells us to do.

  2. FREE-MASON, even most Freemasons do not know what Freemasonry is all about! Layers of deceptions, the symbols differently interpreted at different degrees. Freemasons steal heir teachings from ancient mystery schools, notably of Egypt. The teachings can be summerised in what is called ALCHEMY. It is about MAN, the origins of MAN. It goes back to Adam, and all the stories about the Creation of Man. But the story has a twisted angle to it, and it is not Truth, although garbed as one, Where did Man started his journey here on Earth? Who was Adam, who was Noah? Which pre-Noah ancient civilizations existed and what is the Flood? These are what the Masons are trying to find out, or rather, seek knowledge from some hidden (occult) sources. They talk about the Seven Liberal Arts, and in search if the Light - but the False Light. It is about Man, the Kundalini awakening, the Higher Consciousness, and the Light-God (Lucifer).

    The ancient teachings filtered down to the Freemasons - although a lot of masonic history are hidden in legends. Only he few highest Adepts would keep the so-called secret, and it does not stop of 33rd degree (Scottish Rites) or other highest degrees of the masonic systems.

    At one time the Templars and Rosicrucians were keppers of the "secrets". The Scottish Rites came by way of Scotland through the Stewards - later they took refuge in France. Earlier, the Templars took refuge in Scotland when they were banished by the Pope. In France they formed the Blue Degrees (the lodge having blue ceilings wit stars), and they added 8 more degrees to form he 33 degrees, which are said to be the work of Jesuits.

    These Melayu lot here know NUTS. They only think of Yahudi, Zionist, Freemasons and Illuminati! They are the frogs under the coconut shell.

    1. And you're melayu coachroaches outer the bin shell..get your coordinate right as well configure your GPS ..seriously

  3. can the club make me be rich, if they can give me a loan of 40million Ringgit, then let them link me up so i can send down my account details one Love

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