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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Incredible Indelible Edible Unedible Inky Liars?

Knew it all along that the whatever was smeared to the millions of fingers on that May 5 was a gay rainbow colour combination that didn't stay as long as the dirt caught in one's fingernail hah!

First when we queried about the easily washable chemical nitrate, we were given an earth shattering and shaking explanation by His Majesty's appointed servants of the Election Commission, of civil servants who didn't follow the instruction, not sure if it was written in the bottle or box - you need to shake it stupid that's why it didn't stick or stain the finger...Hmm makes the civil servant who did the smearing but not the shaking a rather moronic stupid juvenile for not knowing - to shake or not to shake - that is the question right?

This need to shake it reasoning by His Majesty's servants left many a shaking their head in disbelief. This  rather incredible unbelievable reasoning like many things in BolehLand if you didn't get it endorsed by the experts it is not real or believable was then supported by medical advice.

So to substantiate their Act1 truth and as a matter of fact, His Majesty's appointed top servants sought to make his truth and fact double sure truth and fact by turning to government institutions, the Ministry of Health.

You can't have more cc or mico percentage of that chemical... which in this Act 2 His Majesty's two top EC's servants insisted silver nitrate is a metal so they claimed was confirmed and endorsed by the Ministry of Health... who must be believable because they are after all the government's experts who must be trusted right?

But then the medical fellows claim no such claim or advice was given.

So Act 1 and Act 2 says nothing about if the ink in indelible or even halal. Even the veteran butt shakers who did the buns shaking at Bersih leader's front gate didn't move a butt to believe or disbelieve this lack of shaking or certain percentage tales.

Some how in Act 3, God seemed to get into the picture and got blamed for doubting their unshakeable need to shake theory and also the accepted 'metal' amount to stain your finger.

In Act 4, the rakyat, especially those who washed off the ink were blamed for doubting the indelible silver nitrate-ness of the ink and it's halalness we can supposed. But our Majesty's appointed EC two heads that didn't prove better than one at all, should have insisted and put it into law to charge those who washed it off for committing fraud and cheat - a seditious and act of treason that threatens the security of the ruling government - simply because they can get to vote again and cause the opposition to win right?

In Act 5 when pressed in Parliament, this time in the thick of the haze fiasco no thanks to our friendly neighbour who has perhaps 1 million of their countrymen illegally in BolehLand which His Majesty's civil servants can't detect to deport home - the rakyat are told 'Eat your heart out! it's edible food colour, hah the vegie is to be blamed!

WTF = What Totally Fantastic revelation that the indelible how become now edible with an over RM7million price tag. Now that is the perfect fingering the rakyat was given by His Majesty's EC servants!!! And are we supposed to swallow this veggie truth huh?

At least my vegan friends can sleep in peace knowing that His Majesty's EC and servants have fingered them with vegan than chemical or metal or some adultrated non halal substance hah!!! They could have told the water hi Selangor voters earlier so they could have sucked it off than waste precious water trying to wash it!

We all know to hide a tiny lie, you need to use a bigger one hah!

And even with this food colour tutti frutti truth, Act 6 was already at the door ready to enter in to confirm the truth or is it the lies, the reason for the change of ink substance, was the change of heart of our beloved BN government who cares so much for our well being- that they can't bear the thought of fingering you...opps painting your finger with dangerous lethal, non halal metal..hah!

Gosh that fellow who flew in and spoke of BN's caring loving concern for our finger made himself look like a Man of Steal - stealing the truth from the rakyat and possibly stealing the elections hah! The haze must have clogged the lungs and the air to the brains to have come up with this irksome 'I am for you' care to use veggie colour... Make my onion weep too!

What will Act 7 be to bring the truth out and punish the liars huh?

And why is revealing the supplier considered sensitive secret and a national security issue? Is the supplier supplying silver bullets or deadly ink can kill our enemies? Is the supplier beholden to national secret like the coca cola formula to protect our national interest?

In business, oftentimes many vendors want to put out a litany of their customers to give them that competitive edge? In this case, the vendor is afraid to reveal his client list because his client is a cheat, untrustworthy liar huh?

Will we be surprised that the next 'turth' and 'fact' from our caring loving BN government is the ink was made from residues left by burning satay huh? Or the left over kopi kau kau residues liquidised into the black vegan product hah!

What has using the ink got to do with we are first world and first class don't need third world technology huh? It's the third world mentality of His Majesty's civil servants that make us rakyat looking and forced to be laughed at as stupid gullible moronic rakyat hah!

The colours that made the ink!
My gender same-same preference friends have their theory that the ink is actually a combination of their rainbow colour identity hah! After  all, black or white is a combination of colour of sorts they said convincingly showing off their pink intellectual power hah!

To resolve the true organic or inorganic nature of the ink if it ever is used again is perhaps to provide a single scent even if after washing you can still detect the scent you have voted eh? Say petai smell? or cincalok what about nangka or ikan masam, maybe belacan... not durian as our neighbours also are durian lovers.

And for those who want the ink off now that it is edible vegan, why not employ a line of lovely lass to suck it off for a ringgit or so. At least it keeps the unemployed grads with some extra cash for bj on the inked finger eh?

In the vampire stories, a silver bullet is supposed to kill it off. In our silver nitrate fiasco, those culprits involved in defrauding the rakyat i.e. His Majesty's appointed EC servants will be given Eternal Complements for being able to use a 'third world' method or technology to install a 'third world' minority popular government eh? Hah

When football fever comes, we hear Eat Sleep Sh*t Football. In BolehLand, thanks to His Majesty's EC appointed servants, when it is election fever, we get, Eat, Sleep Sh*t Election Liars hah!

Don't be surprised the supplier who supplied the ink has stocks in bookshops selling the stock to unsuspecting students using it for their ink pen or calligraphy hah or your colourful cake and beverage you consume is supplied by them hah!

When will the ink dry over this inky ink fiasco is anyone's guests. As long as those responsible continue to defend their lies, it will drag on till GE14 huh?

If the rakyat can be tricked by just a smear on their fingers, they are in for more BN fingering in the next 4 plus years hah! Hmmm it's finger licking good feeling to the BN fellows we can supposed while the 51 over percent including yours truly have to endure their fingers up our derriere hah! - YAHMEH!!!

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