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Friday, June 28, 2013

Turf war in FGV

Isa Samad, finger-blocking Sabri 
While I share Annie's confidence that Sime Darby is in good hands, having a politician at the helm of a GLC can be a bane. Isa Samad, the Umno veteran, is fast becoming one at Felda. His haste to put Emir Mavani Abdullah as CEO-designate seven months before the current one steps down has raised eyebrows and, unfortunately for Emir, opened a can of worms.  
Now, apparently, there's a social media war taking place between pro-Umno bloggers. In one corner, you have Big Dog stripping Emir naked (and, in his latest post h e r e, biting Isa into pieces); in the other, you have others gunning down the existing CEO, Ahmad Sabri, to the ground in typical assassin fashion ie go after the wife (Sabri must go and retire from FGV).
It's all a lot of fun to read, but it also makes Felda a laughing stock. My advise to Isa, stop bringing politics into FGV. You now know that your man Emir is not a Dr Emir as claimed, question is how do you fix it? Telling the AGM that Emir hadn't know he was going to come back to Malaysia to serve is so lame. 
Anak Felda also

Khairil, anak Felda
p.s. There are several "anak Felda" in the top management of FGV. What, people like Khairil Anuar Aziz and Zakaria Arshad are not qualified to be CEO of the company their parents helped create with their blood, sweat and tears, izzit? 

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