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22 May 2024

Friday, June 28, 2013

Terrorists Living Amongst Us

Here is the news from The Star :

Security personnel escorting Satpal to his India bound plane at KL Int'l Airport.
  • Indian, part of international Sikh militant group, deported.
  • Satpal Singh 41, arrested for immigration offences on Jan 4, sent to India
  • "..part of a Sikh militant group called Babbar Khalsa International (BKI)..
  • “supplying fake travel documents and using country as a transit point .."
  • Satpal forged documents for BKI members involved in India bombings 2006
  • Police tracked militant, in country since 2006, following arrest of 4 BKI 
  • restaurateur Amarjit, musician Daljit, Ajaib Khalsa, Kawal arrested 4/8, 2011 
  • Another, Daljeet detained on May 13.
  • Satpal and the 4, who have also been deported, are awaiting trial in India.
There is some dishonesty in this news. Malaysia is no more a TRANSIT POINT for international terrorists. We have become a PERMANENT BASE for international terorists.

This is yet more and more evidence that our country is increasingly becoming a base point for international terrorists and militants. We have had Filipino militants, Thai militants, Indonesian terrorist master minds, Acehnese militants, Tamil Tigers, Middle East terrorists, Pakistani recruiters and also our home grown but-for-export-only terrorists all here in Malaysia. (Jemaah Islamiyah, Al Qaeda etc). 

I have blogged a few times before that our Immigration boys are too unaware of what is going on.Or maybe there could be corruption involved

I believe I have written about or mentioned Sikh terrorists using Malaysia as a base more than once before. Here is one of them :  Hang Tuah, Hang Myth & Hang Khalsa

The facts in this case are strange. This Sikh terrorist guy has been in the country since 2006. How is that possible? What type of visa allows him to stay here for seven years? Was he a PhD student?  Seven years in Malaysia is not transitting. Seven years means Malaysia has become a permanent base.

Four other Sikh terrorists were also arrested earlier on 4th August 2011. The question is how long have they been in the country? Also seven years? 10 years? How long?

Amarjit Singh was a  restaurant owner.
Daljit Sing was a music teacher.
Ajaib Khalsa was a (magician?) 
Kawal Singh was a construction contractor. 

How is it possible for the Immigration authorities to allow foreigners, especially terrorists, visas that allowed them to stay in the country for such a long time and even run businesses? 

Was there any rasuah involved?  Tired and fed up Malaysians all think alike. I am a tired and fed up Malaysian as well.

And during their long stay in Malaysia - planning and supporting terrorist activites, how many lives have they destroyed in other countries?

Earlier this year our not-so-wise court acquitted Yazid Syufaat for terrorist activity because he was planning to kill people outside Malaysia !!   In the eyes of our Court it is not an offense for terrorists to use Malaysia as a base to make plans to kill people outside the country. 

So I dont understand why Satpal, Daljit, Ajaib, Amarjit and Kawal were arrested? They were not planning to kill any Malaysians. They were only planning to blow up and kill people in India. So just like Yazid Syufaat's case why not just leave Satpal and his terrorist friends alone? 

Let them go about their terrorist planning in peace. Dia tak kacau kita pun. Dia nak bunuh orang lain - di negeri lain. Bukan dalam negeri kita pun.

Folks, everything is falling apart in the country. To make matters even worse, we abolished the ISA and the Emergency Ordinance.  

According to Aspan Alias (whom I met and had makan with a few days ago) if there is another Financial Crisis or other world crisis we cannot even give sufficient powers to something like the National Economic Action Council (NEAC) to save the country. Apparently under conditions of duress, the Emergency Ordinance did give the NEAC powers to act decisively. Now itu semua sudah tak ada.  We have abolished everything.

And Sikh terrorists, Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists, Al Qaeda recruiters and all sorts of other terrorists are using out country as a base. 

The next time you have chappati, tomyam, soto, hummus at your favorite Arab restaurant do take a close look at the waiter, the guys behind the counter etc. You never know. One day they may suddenly appear on CNN.

Admitted, protected and nurtured by our tidak-apa system.

Footnote : here are more Babbar Khalsa terrorists under arrest in India.

Here is the logo of the Babbar Khalsa

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