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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Rapid KL denies explosion involving MRT train

Rapid KL has denied a viral post that there was an explosion or fire involving a Mass Rail Transit (MRT) train along the Kajang route yesterday afternoon.

Rapid KL, in a statement, informed that the incident only involved the sound of a spark from train number “28” which was removed from service at the Taman Mutiara station as it had triggered the alarm of the MRT track power supply system at a nearby station.

"The incident caused or produced a ‘spark sound’ as reported. However, there was no explosion or fire.

"For safety reasons, the train was removed from service and passengers were asked to board the next train that arrived at Taman Mutiara.

“The train involved was then taken to the depot after operating hours for a detailed inspection," according to the statement,” it said.

Rapid KL added that transit officers were constantly monitoring the situation at the time to ensure there was no disruption to the Kajang Line MRT train service schedule.

Earlier, a social media post by an MRT user claiming that there was an explosion involving the train went viral on social media, causing public concern.


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