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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Video of daughter dressing up as ‘personal driver dad’ touches netizens’ hearts


KUALA LUMPUR: A wholesome tear-jerker of a video where a daughter dressed up as a personal driver like her father for a "career" themed session, has gone viral with the girl running to embrace her dad after sharing how proud she is of him.

The viral TikTok video shared by her father under the name @roy_scott76, shows him surprising her at school.

The video starts with the girl coming forward to speak to the class about her uniform and her father.

Dressed in a uniform almost identical to her fathers, in a shade of midnight blue with shiny black shoes, she speaks about his profession.

She shared that he is a driver and can be heard saying "saya bangga dengan babah" expressing how proud she is of her father, with her class clapping and cheering her on.

She then notices her father standing outside the classroom and bolts to him to give him a big hug.

The video ends with her holding him as she sobs with the doting father kissing her on the forehead.

In the caption, he thanked his daughter for being proud of him and said that he was just trying to make a living for her.

"I still remember when your mother was expecting you, I got the job as a driver," he said.

He said he works for her and her younger sibling and will love them till the end.

He then thanked the school for allowing him to surprise his daughter on Children’s Day.

The video touched many viewers who commented on how wonderful a daughter she is.

A social media user was quoted as saying "I’m not sure what my neighbour is cooking, but my eyes are starting to water a bit".

It was reported by a portal that the daughter, Keisha, attends a school in Hulu Bernam, while the father lives and works in Puchong, resulting in a challenging long-distance relationship with his family.

On Nov 24, Keisha’s school celebrated Children’s Day with a “career” theme, encouraging students to dress up as their future aspirations for a show-and-tell session. Aware of her father’s role as a personal driver, Keisha decided to honour him by dressing up as him. - Star

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