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Thursday, November 30, 2023

'Are you saying you were ineffective?' - PKR MPs hit back at Ramasamy

Former Penang deputy chief minister II P Ramasamy’s recent remark about Indian interests being sidelined in multi-racial PKR and DAP did not sit well with several MPs.

Some are questioning Ramasamy’s role during his 15 years in the government.

Batu MP P Prabakaran said while anyone has the right to form his own party, Ramasamy's (above) statements called into question whether he himself was neglecting Indian issues during his time in power.

Batu MP P Prabakaran

"He was the deputy chief minister of Penang for over 15 years and represented DAP. Is he saying that he was neglecting the community's issues all the while and was unable to advocate for its interests?

"I think it's very wrong to say that multi-racial parties cannot address issues of minorities. Our role is to highlight issues affecting all Malaysians particularly the marginalised poor of all races and religions.

"This will also include issues like Mitra (Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit) and Tamil schools, unemployment and welfare, most of which affect the Indian community," Prabakaran said in a brief telephone interview with Malaysiakini.

He added that his belief that viewing issues through a racial lens was not effective.

"To me, the old system of race-based parties is on the way out. Malaysians must view themselves as part of the larger community and you cannot divide us on race.

"While I wish him all the best, I think creating another Indian party in an already crowded field that includes MIC, Makkal Sakthi Party and P Waythamoorthy's party (Malaysian Advancement Party) will just serve to divide the community further," said Prabakaran.

On Saturday, Ramasamy announced the establishment of a new party, Parti Bersepakat Hak Rakyat Malaysia (Urimai), saying he had lost faith in the concept of a multi-racial political party.

"The multi-racial political parties that exist now do not represent Indians. For example, DAP and PKR are multi-racial with many Indian members.

"But, what is the state of Indian members in these parties? They (Indian leaders) cannot speak. They need to obey the leadership's instructions. The party's leadership is more focused on their respective races," he said.

‘Walk the talk’

Prabakaran's PKR colleague, Segamat MP R Yuneswaran also took issue with Ramasamy's claims.

"To start a new party is the right of all citizens as constituted in the Federal Constitution but saying PKR or DAP never voices out for Indians, is simply not true.

"All issues and concerns of all Malaysians, especially the Indian community, are always the top priority. We have passed the first year of government with many policies that enhance and improve the quality of life and progressive governance for Indians," he told Malaysiakini.

Segamat MP R Yuneswaran

He also questioned why Ramasamy took this line after being dropped from DAP's line-up.

"Just because they left the party that they were in for so many years, suddenly to say the rest is wrong and only they are right is not acceptable.

"I have massive respect for Ramasamy as a very vocal leader with vast experience. We should engage with all Indian leaders in and out of Parliament to champion community issues and not attack those who have different political stands or opinions," he added.

He suggested that Ramasamy come out with more inclusive policies and plans to uplift the Indian community's socioeconomic development, alternate plans for job creation and SME financial aid plans instead of complaining about other parties.

"Definitely, no parties are perfect, but the current government under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim is tackling issues and moving forward to resolve the problems faced by the people and the country.

"I wish them all the best and hope they can walk the talk to champion the issues and be a third force to check and balance. If not, they will be just like other talkers," he said. - Mkini

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